Generator JAVA 8.0 Release Notes


Upgrade #9



·          GeneXus standard classes ( have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous version. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 version upgrade 8 or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main object(s) + add called).


·          As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the server where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running.

New Features

·          SAC # 18870 – Avoid exit with ESC in Java

Now, you can avoid exiting the application with the ESC key in a specific object.

·          SAC # 19180 - Dependencies of dependencies are not controlled in gxws

If a dependency with dependencies is added in GXWS deployment, these dependencies are no longer controlled in the installation of GXWS applications.

Corrected Errors

·          SAC # 6758 - Attribute that is returned in Max formula remains with 0 in C/S

Attribute that is returned in Max formula remains with 0 in C/S

·          SAC # 7800 - Error 907 Oracle Odbc... missing right parenthesis

If the Initial Size of a table is indicated and the Initial Size of the index is indicated as well, the table generation statement is wrongly generated in gxtNNNN.prg, causing the mentioned error. 

·          SAC # 14300 - Prompt image enabled with conditional noaccept

The prompt of a foreign key type attribute is enabled when there is a conditional NoAccept rule. The call to the prompt in the image click should not be allowed in this case. 

·          SAC # 16076 - Borderstyle = None property does not work 

There is a Win model and a TRN where the Borderstyle = None property has been setup.

When executing the TRN, the form border appears anyway since the property value is not taken into account.  

·          SAC # 16311 - Problems with ToExcel and grid with horizontal scrollbar

When the grid has an horizontal scroll bar, the ToExcel method is not working fine. The not visible columns are note saved in the xls file.

·          SAC # 17451 – Images in toolbar appear cut up with SWT

On executing with Sun and SWT and object with associated menubar and images in its toolbar, the latter appear cut up. 

·          SAC # 17599 -  Styles.css file is generated with name in capitals 

There is a web model and, on generating an object, the styles.css file is being generated with capital letters (STYLES.CSS)

·          SAC # 17698 - Problems with variable/attribute Backcolor in report

There is a report where you print an attribute/variable.  A color other than white appears as backcolor.  It is wrongly shown. 

·          SAC # 17796 - Gif images are not taken as preferences

If the Add Button Bitmap and Update Button bitmap preferences are setup with gif images and besides the buttons have Caption Bitmap: empty, so that its value is taken from the properties, the latter are ignored and nothing is shown in runtime.  

·          • SAC # 18003 - Problem with Use Decimal Arithmetic=Yes and JDK1.5

If you have the Use Decimal Arithmetic = Yes property and you are executing with SUN VM version 1.5.x, decimal numbers are visualized with different notation, according to their size. 

·          SAC # 18548 - Text Reports with Text output generate a Form Feed

The page break is differently generated in text reports with report output = text and with report output

= report Viewer. With Text it generates a Form Feed, while with RV output it generates n enters. In some cases, texts form feed may cause trouble, such as when processed with reading functions of delimited text. 

·          SAC # 18764 - Problem with "Color in read-only field=original" and noaccept

When you have "Color in read-only field=Original", it works wrong with noaccept fields (numeric and dates).

·          SAC # 18799 – Subroutine in remote load gives error on compiling 

In some cases, an error may occur on compiling in a 3-tier model, when there is a work panel with the load in the server (property: 'execute load events in application server' = yes) and a call to a subroutine is made in the load. The error is the following: error J0049: Undefined name 'S123'

·          SAC # 18893 - Cursor name is ambiguous after attempting to delete in AS 

You attempt to delete an iSeries record but the following message is displayed:  "Invalid delete, related information in <table name>" or in Spanish: "Eliminación inválida, informacion relacionada en <nombre de tabla> ". If after this message and without exiting the application you attempt to modify the same record, the following error occurs: "Cursor name is ambiguous".

·          SAC # 18928 - Numeric picture wrongly visualized in grid 

There is an attribute with 9999,99,99 picture. From a workpanel grid, the following is visualized: 99,99,99,99

·          • SAC # 18946 – Function keys (F2, etc) do not appear in menubar items 

In the properties of a menubar item, in the 'shortcut keys' tab, there is a function key, such as key=F2, assigned to the item. The problem is that, on executing the item, “F2” does not appear in the caption next to the item and the associated event is not executed on pressing the key. The problem occurs in SWT.

·          SAC # 18988 - GXWS downloads all classes when using 'split' option

If you assemble the gxws deployment using in the "Split main jar en classes" option, when the client updates the application ALL classes are downloaded while only the modified ones should be downloaded.  

·          SAC # 19037 - Problem with pictures in numeric attribute

Problems with 9,99,99,99,99999 picture

·          SAC # 19056 - Status bar is not maximized 

On maximizing a window in a SDI application, the status bar obtained is not maximized; therefore, if a long message is displayed that exceeds the original size, it will appear truncated. 

·          SAC # 19104 - Package httpContext does not exist..

Under specific circumstances, a compilation error occurs in kbs with a win model and a secondary web model.

·          SAC # 19118 – Indexes are not created when using LOGGED type in Informix

When 'Database Type' = LOGGED is selected in the DBMS Options of a model against informix, indexes are not created in the database, although the reorganization ends up with no error. 

·          SAC # 19142 - Pdfreport.ini margins overwritten (pdf)

Since itext.jar implementation, each time a pdf is generated the values of the pdfreport.ini margins are overwritten. 

·          SAC # 19171 - Problem with gxselfile and start directory 

When using gxselfile, the parameter indicating the “start” directory is not taken into account. 

·          SAC # 19218 – Text visualization problem in Firefox (&nbsp)

When a text with several spaces is shown in Firefox, the last space is shown as & nbsp instead of being shown as a space. 

·          SAC # 19235 - Error SQL0510 if there is a ForEach with When that updates

The [SQL0510] error occurs. The P00012 cursor for the <TEST> file is readonly when there is a When in the condition of a For Each that updates records. 


&n = 1

For Each a

Where a = 1 When &n = 1



·          SAC # 19243 - Error on generating report in For Each line using RViewer

There is a grid and a report is generated (txt or gxr, to disc or screen) within a For Each Line and the Text

report output = Report Viewer property;  the application crashes. 

·          SAC # 19249 - "Interpreter options" do not work in java

If interpreter options are added from GX, they are not taken into account in runtime. 

·          SAC # 19282 - Error on executing in LINUX with SWT

On executing an application with SWT, an error of the following type occurs in linux: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError"

·          SAC # 19338 – Occasional errors while executing GUI application 

In some cases, uncontrolled exceptions may occur in GUI applications with java. Particularly, 2 cases are documented in this sac. They occur executing with Sun and SWT, although they may occur with another interface. 

·          SAC # 19441 – Main report remains running once completed 

Once a main report ( gxr with report viewer ) has been executed and closed,  the process corresponding to the java interpreter remains running. The wjview.exe appears in the task manager (if running with ms), using approximately 10 mb. 

·          SAC # 19453 – Cursor name is ambiguous in 3 tiers 

java.sql.SQLException: Cursor name is ambiguous.

·          SAC # 19483 – Rectangle FillColor property does not work  

If you attempt to change the back color of a rectangle in a winform(E.g.: in runtime, Rectangulo.fillColor = RGB(20,40,200), this does not work. 

·          SAC # 19502 – Workpanel thread with load on request does not finish

There is a  work panel with load on request, where a great deal of records are loaded and the loading of each page takes a long time (since calculations are made, etc.). If you close the work panel with the cross before a page is completely loaded, the grid loading continues anyway.  

·          SAC # 19504 – Error on renaming table and user index 

The ORA-01408: Such Column list already indexed error occurs when attempting to rename a table and a user index of the same table at the same time. 

·          SAC # 19515 – Problem in AddMonth calculation

In some cases, an error occurs while calculating the AddMonth function when subtracting 12 months.

·          SAC # 19519 – StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in war deployment

The StringIndexOutOfBoundsException exception may occur in some cases in a war deployment.

·          SAC # 19520 – Open cursors 

Arrangements were made to solve a problem that resulted in cursors remaining open… 

This occurred when calls to subroutines that had a return were made from a foreach. The foreach cursors were never closed and, if there were several nested levels it was even worst, since more cursors remained open.

·          SAC # 19554 – Problem on saving blobs in Oracle

If 2 or more records with blobs are consecutively inserted in web (either through a webtrn or a proc), an error occurs.

·          SAC # 19587 – Problem on changing the server jdbc datasource 

Changing the server jdbc datasource in runtime is not possible. 

·          SAC # 19603 – OnlineActivate does not work on selecting line 

In win environment, if there is a grid with OnlineActivate programmed and you select the cell of a grid column it works OK, but if you select the entire line it does not work.

·          SAC # 19641 – Serial rule fails in CSV, in some cases 

In some cases, when working in a 2-level transaction that numerates the 2nd level key with the serial rule, it numerates wrong after validating, modifying a line or adding new lines.

·          SAC # 19662 – Problem using “IN” and “WHEN” in for each

The “where” of a for each are not being taken into account when they have “Where X in (N,N) when..”

·          SAC # 19680 – It does not show prompt for FK in 2-level trn 

There is a 2-level web-transaction that has a FK in the second level. On doing a Get of an entered invoice, the prompt on the second level FK is not shown for the already entered records. It does appear for the new lines.

·          SAC #20173 - Problem with WHEN clause in wkp with load in server

In case, the WHEN clause is used in conditions of a work panel, in a 3tier application, and the load is set to be executed in the server, the conditions does not work.




·          GeneXus standard classes ( have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 upgrade 7 version or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main objeto(s) + add called).


·          As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the server where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running.



·          The CLIENT.CFG (or server.cfg in 3-tier applications) must be updated. Otherwise the connection to the DBMS would not be possible. More information in SAC 18704.



·          The web services providers must tell to their consumers that they should inspect the WSDL again, once the web service is generated with this upgrade. More information in SAC 18060.


New Features

·          SAC # 16189 – File in ‘List of remote programs’, in Java

It is possible to indicate a file containing the list of remote programs in the ‘List of remote programs’ property in Java, instead of specifying the list directly in the property.

·          SAC # 16302 – PDF and NLS Reports (Chinese, Japanese, etc)

When a report that will be generated as PDF is created, some problems occur in Chinese, Japanese and other models.

·          SAC # 16406 – Keyboard Shortcut – Hyperlink and button – Web Form

The AccessKey property has been implemented for buttons and hyperlinks.

·          SAC # 17585 – Columns resize in runtime was implemented

Now, you can change the grid column width in runtime in win applications,

as you have been doing in VFP and VB

·          SAC # 17887 – New date entry behavior in 99/99/9999

The possibility of choosing the desired behavior when entering date fields that have 99/99/9999

picture was implemented

·          SAC # 17896 – Defining more than one template with LDAP is now possible

The possibility of defining more than one template in the LDAP Principal property was implemented;

e.g.: delimited by “;”.

·          SAC # 17927 – Setting up multi-connection in config.gx

Multi-connection properties enabled to change datasource in runtime can now be setup in config.gx besides

than in client.cfg. This avoids having to update them at each generation, which improves prototyping times

·          SAC # 17929 – GXWS Interpreter Options only allows 128 caracters

The “Interpreter Options” edit of the GXWS could admit more than 128 caracters to enter.

·          SAC # 17937 – Total Files in Deployment Wizard

Information on the number of files that will enter at each location has been added on the screen 2 of 3 of the deployment wizard.

·          SAC # 17958 – Lock Timeout in Informix

The Lock timeout property was implemented in informix

·          SAC # 18033 – GXWSD.log was added in GXWS deployment

GXWS Deployment Wizard was modified so that, from now on, it will include the log file (GXWSD.log) within the application manifest of the app.

·          SAC # 18097 – GXWS messages in Japanese

Japanese has been added to the GXWS Setup configuration languages. This allows to view GXWS messages in Japanese.

·          SAC # 18241 – Background image (in MDI container) in Win application

A function has been implemented that allows to assign an image to the MDI container.

Syntax: &Res = setMDIBitmap(loadBitmap({String | var} [, {0 | 1}] )

·          SAC # 18273 – Keyboard shortcut for Web Form buttons

The AccessKey property for Web Form buttons was implemented

·          SAC # 18436 – ‘per thread’ Variables

The scheme to use ‘per thread’ variables was implemented.

·          SAC # 18551 – CLOB datatype support in Oracle

Usually, Oracle LONG fields (GeneXus Longvarchar) have constrains in Oracle; therefore, we decided to replace them for the CLOB’s, as Oracle itself suggests (

In GeneXus 9.0 version, Long VarChar type attributes are created as CLOB instead of Long for Oracle (DBMS version 8 and higher ones). In previous versions of GeneXus, the behavior is still the same, i.e.: LONG’s are created by default, but GX 9.0 behavior (creating CLOB’s) is possible using config.gx.

·          SAC # 18665 – Improvements to select lines to be deleted in transaction

In 2-level transactions in java and .net, if you want to delete a line you must select it with the ‘supr’ key (‘DEL’ in the English keyboard) and then, on confirming the transaction, the selected lines will be deleted.

·          SAC # 18731 – GXWS Deployment Wizard Batch

GXWS Deployment can be now built in batch mode.

·          SAC # 18758 – After Connect was implemented

Now, you can call a GeneXus procedure immediately after the connection is assigned to an application. This implementation allows supporting audit mechanisms.

Corrected Errors

·          SAC # 9366 – Field without fill property does not respect backcolor

When you unselect the fill property on a field, the field background color is wrong.

·          SAC # 11872 – Problems in PDF reports with Landscape property

If a GX report was put as ‘landscape’ and generated as PDF, printing margins were wrongly calculated.

·          SAC # 12242 – Date format in prompt rule

If there is a date attribute in a web transaction or web panel and the prompt rule is used and it receives the date as parameter, it worked wrong.

·          SAC # 12892 – DW deletes images loaded from dataXXX

Images added in the model directory Deployment Wizard got deleted

·          SAC # 13116 – Redundancy programs are not copied (GXU*.class)

There is a transaction with redundant attributes. When attempting to modify a record, an error occurs indicating that the class corresponding to the redundancy update was not found (gxu*.class).

·          SAC # 14506 – Records remained wrong on scrolling over subfile

In a subfile with vertical scroll, if you clicked twice on the down arrow and then you did the same on the up arrow, the subfile lines remained wrong. This was not just a visual effect because it took wrong values if you executed any action on the record.

·          SAC # 15203 – Error in DatePicker days in jscript in Spanish

The error is in the “calendar-es.js” script. On the “Full day name” of Miércoles (Wednesday) it said “Miircoles”; and in the “Short day name” it said “Mii”.

·          SAC # 15803 – Select event associated to image is not executed

If there is an image with the Select event associated to it, the event is not executed in runtime

·          SAC # 15990 – Prompts worked wrong with compound keys

There were several transactions with compound keys. When calling the prompts for the different attributes, it always calls the same prompt although it shows them well in the navigation.

·          SAC # 16183 - – It does not show key after New, autonumber and PostgreSQL

When working with Autonumber, if the dbms is PostgreSQL or Oracle 8It, it is not returning the key value after a New. In PostgreSQL , when the first level is Autonumber, 2- level transactions did not work either

·          SAC # 16239 – ‘+’ key works wrong as field exit

The ‘+’ key is now working as field exit

·          SAC # 16617 – Wrap in PDF reports

On setting a text with the Wrap option in a PDF report print block, it is printed in the same line and truncated at the end of the page instead of skipping a line.

·          SAC # 16753 – Access Key property is not working for web buttons

Access key property is not working for web buttons.

·          SAC # 16918 – On deleting line with dup key in 2-level transactions, both

There was a 2-level transaction where you entered 2 lines with the same key. Therefore, on confirming it, a ‘Record does not longer exists’ error type occurred. On deleting one of the lines, both of them got deleted instead of just the selected one.

·          SAC # 17155 – WARNINGS building the GXWS Deployment

The GXWS Deployment gives some WARNINGS. This sac explains the cause of them and how to workaround them.

·          SAC # 17168 – Compilation error with load in the server and date functions

A compilation error occurs when using “date” functions in the load event of a 2-tier kb workpanel where the load is performed in the applications server.

·          SAC # 17301 – Statusbar was too short

The message displayed in the statusbar got cut. E.g.: in a transaction in windows environment, on pressing the Next button, if there was no record, the following message was displayed: “There is no record matching the” instead of “There is no record matching the condition”.

·          SAC # 17332 – Serial rule with Client Side Validation in Yes

In some cases, the serial rule was wrongly triggered when calling a transaction in upd mode having CSV = yes.

·          SAC # 17375 – WSDL is wrongly generated depending on the namespace

If there is a webservice that uses a SDT, and this SDT has as external namespace the same namespace that the webservice has as SOAP namespace, the WSDL is wrongly generated.

·          SAC # 17449 – Advancing focus was allowed in CSV with error

There was a 2-level transaction. In the second level, one of the attributes was a foreign key. If

you hover on it browsing with the down arrow instead of with TAB, after the second attempt you were allowed to advance although the validation of this line was not completed.

·          SAC # 17466 – Multiple selection with ‘Shift’ , ‘Ctrl’ does not work

The selection of multiple lines in a grid using the ‘SHIFT’ or ‘CTRL’ keys works wrong.

·          SAC # 17537 – Double Prompt Button

We woukd like to change the default prompt image. At runtime appear a double bitmap column in grid.

·          SAC # 17592 – Bar code worked wrong in PDF

As from NET and Java 8.0 U5, where a new implementation is used to generate PDF reports (itext), variables with font barcode, 3 of 9 barcode, are not visualized in runtime.

·          SAC # 17658 – “if insert and after(key)” rule is not triggered with CSV

If the Client Side Validation =Yes property is setup, and there is a rule of the following style

in a transaction: msg(‘prueba’) if insert and after(AtributoClave); when you execute the transaction and go through the key attribute, the rule is not triggered.

·          SAC # 17667 – Funny characters wrongly returned in prompt

There is a transaction whose key is a character. Chinese and Japanese characters are entered as key

and the record is correctly saved. But when this record is selected in the autoprompt, on returning these key characters are not decoded. The prompt for some Japanese characters returns 0e20ce and this is visualized in the transaction instead of the associated Japanese character.

·          SAC # 17709 – fields were not emptied with CSV and navigation buttons

There was a transaction with client side validation=Yes. There were several records loaded.

You entered to the transaction, validated the key by typing a non-existing value (without the cursor on any record), and you executed any navigation button such as the next or last button. Then, you put the cursor on a record and the associated data are shown. If you type a non-existent key again and validate the key, the secondary data remain with the values of the previously loaded record.

·          SAC # 17808 – Entering several lines in a Long Varchar is not possible

There was a Long Varchar attribute/variable; if the Enter key is setup as field exit and is executed

with SWT, entering more than one line is not possible. It should be possible by pressing Shift-Enter.

·          SAC # 17828 – Small squares on opening text report

If a report generated as text with the TEXT REPORT OUTPUT = text property is opened with the Notepad editor, funny characters appear (small squares) at each line break.

·          SAC # 17857 – DateTime Problem with Date Format = None in TRN

There is a datetime with DateFormat=None on the lines of a web transaction. If an invalid time is entered,

and a check is performed, wrong data are later inserted in the database.

·          SAC # 17874 – After(att) conditioned rule is wrongly triggered in grid

There was a 2-level transaction with the Client Side Validation = Yes property. In the transaction there was a conditioned rule: after(att), where att was a second level attribute. When the transaction was executed, on entering the first line in the grid, if no value was entered for the att the rule was not triggered.

·          SAC # 17885 – Arrow key behavior editing fields in Grid

When editing a field in a Grid (Win interface), the arrow keys of the keyboard did not have a unified behavior

in all platforms.

·          SAC # 17897 – Problems with Form.WindowState

Some problems were detected with Form.WindowState, executing either with Microsoft or with SUN Virtual Machine.

·          SAC # 17898 – Numeric column title in grid remained against the border

There is a grid with a numeric column. If it is executed with SWT, the column title remains right-justified, against the border. It should remain as when executed with the Microsoft VM, i.e.: leaving a margin.

·          SAC # 17899 – Error in SQL statement generation

There is a Work Panel where a For Each with “Where” and “When” conditions is performed. If the filter is a character and the variable through which the filtering is done has a simple quotation, a SQL syntax error occurs when executing.

·          SAC # 17903 – Refresh Key Property is not taken into account

The value of the ‘Refresh Key’ property, set at object or model level, is not taken into account.

·          SAC # 17912 – Error in reorganization with JTDS drivers

An error of the following type: “commit() and rollback() should not be called while in auto-commit mode” occurrs on running reorganization programs against SqlSErver, using JTDS (JDBC) drivers  (

·          SAC # 17913 - &Var.Click event does not work with SWT

There is a work panel with variables (or attributes) and the &Var.Click event is programmed. This does not work with SWT, and the same occurs with a variable in a grid.

·          SAC # 17918 – SORT of a SDT doesn’t work for date or datetime fields

SORT of a collection SDT doesn’t work for date or datetime fields

·          SAC # 17924 – Phantom Comboboxes in Grid and SWT

When the width of a como box control inside a grid is modified, a new combo box apears in the upper-left corner of the screen.

·          SAC # 17925 – Rectangles are wrongly seen with SWT

There is a workpanel and a rectangle is put in the form. It is setup with Type=None and a background color is assigned to it. On executing with SWT, it looks completely black

·          SAC # 17928 – Error in runtime with gxoffice2.dll and Office 2003

An error occurs in gxoffice2.dll in a PC with Office 2003 installed when using excel data types.

·          SAC # 17933 – GXWS in machines with Chinese/Japanese Windows installed

Start menu shortcuts for an application runing under SUN’s VM aren’t created if the application is installed with GXWS on a Chinese/Japanese Windows machine.

·          SAC # 17936 – Problems with Modal Dialog, SDI and WFC

When you are working with SDI Win applications with Microsoft VM (WFC interface), the modal dialog is working wrong.

·          SAC # 17938 – ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in WIN transaction

There is a 2-level transaction that receives header attributes through parameter. In some cases, the following error occurs: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds.

·          SAC # 17942 – Control Box property doesn’t work in SWT

Control Box property doesn’t work in SWT. It’s always displayed, regardless of whether it is selected or not.

·          SAC # 17944 – The Show property in TaskBar (SDI) does not work in Java/SWT

Even if you put the property ‘Show in the TaskBar (SDI)’ in NO, the windows always appear in the taskbar.

·          SAC # 17945 – Windowstate does not work in the start if BorderStyle=none

A work panel that has the following properties setup in the start: Border Style = None and Form.Windowstate = 2 , does not appear maximized.

·          SAC # 17948 – Focus problem with SWT on calling the calendar

On right clicking over a date type field, the calendar is correctly opened, although it is not opened in

the application form from which it was called but in other opened application; e.g.: the VM console.

·          SAC # 17951 – Error in transaction with rule conditioned to mode

In some cases, if there is a transaction with rules conditioned to the mode, errors occur since the mode is wrongly inferred.

·          SAC # 18016 – ‘Unsatisfied link error’ in GXWS launcher

GXWS launcher from Internet Explorer uses a DLL if executed with Sun VM, but the same DLL cannot be loaded twice. If it is so, an error of the following type occurs: ‘Unsatisfied link error’

·          SAC # 18017 – Prompt rule did not work on variable

There was a variable in the form and a prompt rule on this variable. When pressing F4 on the variable focus, the prompt is not called.

·          SAC # 18018 – Height and width grid problem with SWT

Error “java.lang.ClassCastException: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.ScrollBar “ occurs when executing a work panel with SWT and modifying the height or width property in the start event.

·          SAC # 18019 - .NET accepts incorrect dates

When a date is entered whose day is greater than the length of the month, it is accepted and changed into a date of the next month.

·          SAC # 18032 – GXWS statusbar.log does not save updated classes info

When GXWS is enabled to save statusbar.log, it should show information about the classes that were updated in the new deployment version as regards the version installed in the client. Nevertheless, all classes of the new package are registered (the ones that changed and the ones that did not).

·          SAC # 18042 – Menubar does not compile with return

A menubar with a Return command within any of its events does not compile. It gives a J0049 type error:

Undefined name ‘cleanup’

·          SAC # 18044 – “Widget is disposed” in java win SWT applications

The “Widget is disposed” error occurs in several cases when a win application is running with Sun

and SWT as interface.

·          SAC # 18054 – Problem with GXWS running under HTTPS

An error is thrown when trying to download an application to a client using GXWS. The application is

hosted in a secure HTTPS web server.

·          SAC # 18056 – Add/Subtract rules did not update on changing formula

There was a transaction, such as the typical invoice, where you want to update the client

balance (cliBalance) according to the total invoiced, using the ADD rule. The problem is that this balance is not updated on the client table when you enter the invoice transaction in update mode and a field with an incidence in the calculation of the total amount formula is changed.

·          SAC # 18060 – Error on using GX webservice from external application

An error occurs on using a GeneXus webservice returning a SDT collection, from applications

external to GeneXus.

·          SAC # 18085 – Deleting lines is not allowed in some cases in 2-level trn

A 2-level transaction is being inserted or updated. A line was added and, for some reason, an error occurs,

such as a referential integrity error if it is about a foreign key that does not exist. In this case, an error occurs and deleting the line is not possible.

·          SAC # 18089 – War building with external classes

If a WAR is built and some classes are manually added in the step 2 of the wizard, the absolute

path of the classes that were manually added remains in the resulting .war.

·          SAC # 18104 – Graphic quality of buttons deactivated in SWT improves

A button with image deactivated in SWT remained quite less attractive than in other generators.

·          SAC # 18109 – Rectangle.Visible=1 is wrongly visualizad with SWT

If there is a work panel with a rectangle and Rectangle.Visible=1 is performed with SWT, it is wrongly visualized. A black line appears in the left top corner.

·          SAC # 18116 – Problems with focus in checkbox using SWT

There is a checkbox in the form and when it has focus, can not be noticed

·          SAC # 18118 – The checkbox background is not respected with Fill

There is a checkbox in the form. A background color is setup and the “Fill” check is selected. In runtime, the setup color is not taken into account.

·          SAC # 18119 – LongVarchar attribute is not updated executing with SWT

There is a transaction with a longvarchar attribute and it is executed with SWT. If it is executed in update mode and you enter the LongVarchar field with the mouse (i.e.: not with TAB, etc.), this field is modified and then the transaction is confirmed, the changes made to the attribute are not saved.

·          SAC # 18121 – Problem with special characters

There are a few unsolved cases regarding the transference of special characters to prompts.

·          SAC # 18124 – Entering data is still allowed in spite of the error rule

There is a 2-level transaction with error rules over read-only attributes of the 2nd level. Although the rule is triggered, the focus does not remain on the field that gives value to the attribute but further on in the line, thus enabling to continue inserting data in the transaction in spite of the error.

·          SAC # 18133 – ORA-01465: invalid hexadecimal number

The ‘ORA-01465: invalid hexadecimal number’ error occurs when executing a procedure against Oracle

that updates a table with a blob field, and this field is not instantiated.

·          SAC # 18135 – A trace is always generated for text functions

By default, when working with ascii functions (dfropen, dfrwrite, etc) a trace is always generated and “turning it out” is not possible.

·          SAC # 18144 – Error on inserting or displaying data in Chinese Oracle

Some SQL statements give an error against Oracle 8.1.7 using NLS (National Language support) enabled.

·          SAC # 18154 – Problems with dates using JDK 1.5

Using JDK 1.5 in a web application, the date may be changed (for example 1 day may be substracted to it).

·          SAC # 18156 – Messages in the status bar remain in called workpanel

When a workpanel is called from another one that was written in the status bar, the status bar was not deleted and continued saying what it said for the first workpanel.

·          SAC # 18173 – FIRST_ROWS Hint in Oracle 9i

This hint is kept for compatibility in Oracle 9i. In this version, a new FIRST_ROWS(n) hint is provided.

·          SAC # 18178 – 3-tier work panel case does not compile

In a 3-tier model, a work panel that assigns an array in a for each in the load event, which is setup to execute in the server, does not compile.

·          SAC # 18181 – Message does not appear in Status bar

Messages sent with the msg(‘algo’, status) or msg(‘algo mas’, nowait) command does not appear in the status bar, when having Show Status bar = depending on object type

·          SAC # 18183 – Some rules were not triggered with CSV

In some cases, the rules conditioned to the mode were not triggered, when there was a win model with client side validation=yes.

·          SAC # 18195 – Prompt in grid is not disabled when it should

There is a 2-level web transaction: 1. if you enter in update mode and the key of the second level has prompt, it MUST NOT be enabled (since the key field is not enabled either – sac 17758) 2. as a general case, if you put .enabled= 0 for a second level attribute, the field is disabled, but not the prompt.

·          SAC # 18199 – Setfocus does not remain selected value

There is a field in a Work Panel. The Setfocus method is used to position the focus on this field after a msg.

The problem is that, on position the cursor, it does not leave the field value selected.

·          SAC # 18201 – The title of a rectangle looks like a stain in SWT

When putting a title to a rectangle with the caption property, the background remains the same color as the text.

·          SAC # 18214 – Record was not Found in trn although the record did exist

When updating a transaction receiving mode and key, a message saying that the record was not found was displayed, although when pressing OK to the message it allowed confirming the transaction anyway.

·          SAC # 18234 – Rollback upon referential integrity error

There is a transaction with commit on exit =NO. In this case, neither commit nor rollback should be generated automatically. But the rollback does occur if a referential integrity error occurs; e.g.: when you attempt to delete a record.

·          SAC # 18244 – Problems in PDF field without auto resize

In PDF reports, if a variable does not have auto resize this is not taken into account. The size is not fixed.

·          SAC # 18277 – Default rule doesn’t work in the first line of the 2nd level

There is a 2-level transaction with a default rule that assigns a first level attribute to a second level attribute. The rule works wrong for the first line of the grid.

·          SAC # 18279 – Serial rule repeats numbers when clicking on the grid

There is a 2-level transaction and the key of the second level autonumbers itself with the serial rule. If you enter the first line and click on the subfile body, the number of the first line is repeated.

·          SAC # 18280 – MDI application enters a loop in some cases

E.g.: there is a transaction that calls a workpanel in the Exit event. On closing the application, it sometimes enters a loop

·          SAC # 18282 – Enter event is executed twice with SWT

There is a Workpanel with a tab control and the enter key is not configured as field exit. When pressing enter being on the tab control field, if you are executing with SWT, the enter event is executed twice

·          SAC # 18283 – Checkbox is wrongly visualized in grid with SWT

If there is a grid where there is a column with checkboxs and another column with a background other than white, the checkbox is wrongly visualized.

·          SAC # 18285 – ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in workpanel with grid

In some cases, the following error occurs in a workpanel with grid: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds

·          SAC # 18311 – TRN with call rule transferring an SDT does not compile

A 2-level transaction does not compile when it has a rule where a SDT is associated to a grid line. E.g.: a CALL that transfers a SDT and a second level attribute as parameter.

·          SAC # 18321 – Maintain Aspect Ratio for images in PDF reports

The “Maintain Aspect Ratio” property was implemented for images in PDF reports. This property allows maintaining the height-width relationship of the original image, thus preventing the image from ‘becoming blurred’.

·          SAC # 18338 – Refresh Key None

If model property Refresh Key is set to None then the F12 key is assumed as Refresh Key.

·          SAC # 18344 – Grid with Horizontal scroll does not behave as expected

If you have a grid in the WIN form which has horizontal scroll and besides this grid there are others in the form, the grid the horizontal scrolls does not behave as it should.

·          SAC # 18363 – Conditional filter does not compile over decimal

When there is a conditional filter (with a WHEN) by an attribute/variable with decimals, such as N(5,2), in a model with the property ‘Use decimal arithmetic’ = yes, it does not compile.

·          SAC # 18365 – Servlet error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in OracleAS

The following error occurs in web applications running in Oracle Application Server:  java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: HTTPClient.HTTPConnection.getDefaultProxyHost()Ljava/lang/The reason for this error and the corresponding solution are included in this SAC.

·          SAC # 18394 – Refresh in dates with 4-digit year leaves the year wrong

There is a work panel with a filter by date with 4 digits in the year. When entering a date with the year in 2 digits and F5 is pressed, the year remains wrong.

·          SAC # 18429 – Timeout not captured with cancelonerror false

If you have the CancelOnError property with value 2 (False) and the called webservice gives timeout, the client program fails anyway.

·          SAC # 18505 – Maximize windows and Show Status Bar

If you have a Wkp or Trn and the model property Show status bar = Always and Generate MDI application = NO, the Status bar is shown correctly if you have the object not maximized, if you maximize the object the Status bar is not shown. If Generate MDI application = Yes the status bar is shown correctly.

·          SAC # 18517 – Problem with Error Rule in second level and in update

There is a 2-level transaction with an error rule conditioned to the insert and delete mode. The problem is that on entering in update mode, the rule is triggered.

·          SAC # 18522 – Case where PageCount does not work

PageCount of a grid with pagination is not working if you are performing a join over a table and you then perform an additional select to search for the field of another table

·          SAC # 18536 – Problems with PDF reports directly to printer

A way to send a PDF report directly to the printer, avoiding any interaction with the user, is not found. The problem scope is win and web, although in this SAC only the 2-tier win case is analyzed.

·          SAC # 18538 – Autonumber property and Datastore

The autonumber property is taken into account only using the default Datastore

·          SAC # 18559 – Delete key in grid with variables must delete content

In a work panel, when pressing Del Key over a variable in a grid, the variable content is not deleted.

·          SAC # 18575 – Horizontal formula is not calculated in a specific order

When there is an horizontal formula in a 2-level transaction (i.e.: the invoice ), the formula may not be calculated, depending on the order in which attributes are distributed in the grid.

·          SAC # 18580 – Error on compiling using [win] as rule in a transaction

There is a transaction where rules are conditioned to the environment [win] {Parm(&Var1, &Var2);}. When compiling, it does not generate the parameters and the following error occurs on attempting to compile the caller object: J0077: Not enough arguments for method ‘void tusu002.execute(String[], String[])’ .

·          SAC # 18586 – IsValid event is triggered twice

If in a workpanel you have only one variable in the form fixed part, a grid, and the &Var.IsValid event is defined, this event is triggered twice.

·          SAC # 18598 – Setfocus in start event and using SWT does not work

Executing with Sun and SWT, the &var.SetFocus() programmed in the start event does not work

·          SAC # 18606 – Problem with validation in CSV in transaction with subtypes

There is a subtypes compound key transaction. When executing and entering one of the keys, which does not exist, although it gives the error indicating that this key does not exist, it is possible to continue entering in the transaction although it should stop and put the focus on this inexistent key

·          SAC # 18613 – Inout/out parameter returned by SP using OCI driver

Parameters returned by the stored procedures called using Oracle OCI driver for JDBC (driver Type 2), are returning empty.

·          SAC # 18629 – IsValid event is always triggered in a grid

The IsValid event is always triggered in a grid, regardless of whether the var/att value is modified or not.

·          SAC # 18636 – Grid with horizontal scroll becomes blurred

There is a grid with horizontal scroll in a workpanel. An event is also managed in this workpanel to process the selected lines (for each select line). On calling this event, the grid becomes blurred with lines in blank that go beyond the grid border as well as column limits that “shift position” within the row.

·          SAC # 18639 – Backspace key does not works properly Japanese and SWT

In a grid with variables which have the following picture: 99:99 . When data is present and you want to delete using Backspace Key, only first two numbers (starting at right side) are deleted. You have to pass to the other side of ‘:’ character with arrows key to continue deleting.

·          SAC # 18645 – Servernow against AS/400 does not release connections

It was detected that the servernow function against AS/400 does not release connections. This results in each servernow creating a new connection, without reusing the previous ones.

·          SAC # 18658 – High CPU usage by ReportViewer

Executing a report with Report Viewer and Microsoft VM results in a very high CPU usage (more than 70%, reaching even 100%).

·          SAC # 18672 – Problem with dfwptxt function (for text writing)

The dfwptxt function behavior in GX75 was different than in GX80.

·          SAC # 18673 – Adding audit parameter with null option does not work

There is a way to add audit parameters to tables (external to GeneXus) and prevent GeneXus from deleting them in reorganizations. See sac 10687. In Java, it works wrong when the field admits nulls (i.e.: the field is deleted in the reorganization).

·          SAC # 18677 – Problems on transferring options to GXWS

Transferring different options to GXWS is working wrong when the options are added in the Wizard GXWS Properties. E.g.: it is not possible to transfer certain arguments (system properties) to the VM.

·          SAC # 18703 – DTOC does not compile in work panel load in the server

There is a workpanel in a 3-tier application where the load event is executed in the server; i.e.: it has the work panel property ‘Execute load event in application server’. If in the load, the DTOC function is used in a for each, it does not compile.

·          SAC # 18704 – Change in the way of encrypting user and password

The way of encrypting user and password in cfgs (reorg.cfg, client.cfg and server.cfg) has changed for security reasons. COMPATIBILITY NOTE: It is important to update the application cfg once it is generated with this upgrade; otherwise, the database connection will not be established.

·          SAC # 18708 – Error with ‘Execute in new UTL’ = Yes

There is a 3-tier application with wkp -> proc1 -> proc 2, where proc 1 is remote and proc 2 has the property ‘Execute in new UTL’ = Yes. On triggering this call from the workpanel, an error occurs in the server that causes the client to fail too.

·          SAC # 18745 – Field focus problem in SWT

Depending on the field alignment, there are many cases when the focus doesn’t work properly in SWT.

·          SAC # 18750 – Call to help htm in upper case

The help web htm is generated in lower case (from 8.0 version U7 development environment ), while the call from the servlet does it in upper case; this results in an error indicating that it is not found.

·          SAC # 18763 – Error “No more handles” in win java SWT applications

In some cases, the following error may occur: ‘ org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles ‘ after using a win application with SWT interface (sun) for a long time.

·          SAC # 18781 – Error rule on key is wrongly triggered with CSV = Yes

There is a transaction where a conditioned error rule was added on the transaction key. The Client Side Validation = Yes property is setup. When the transaction is executed and the rule is triggered, if you return

to the field and then exit the field again, the rule is no longer triggered, even if the condition is matched.

·          SAC # 18845 – Enter works wrong as Varchar or Lvarchar field exit

There is a workpanel with a Varchar or Long Varchar field. The following was setup in the model properties: Field Exit =Enter, Tab, Shift-Tab. When the workpanel is executed and Enter is pressed on a Varchar or Long Varchar field, it works wrong.

·          SAC # 18855 – java.lang.NullPointerException using ServerDate

In applications using the connection pool (web and 3 tiers) an error of the following type may occur from time to time when using functions such as ServerDate, ServerNow or ServerTime: ‘java.lang.NullPointerException’.

·          SAC # 19105 – Problem with Numeric Picture case

An attribute with picture 99999-999 in a report has problems. For example , if it have a value 12345-678 , in the report appears truncated: 12345-67.




• GeneXus standard classes ( have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 upgrade 6 version or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main objeto(s) + add called).


• As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the server where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running.

New Features


·          SAC # 17257 – ASCII Functions delimited and length in bytes

Some changes were made in text functions so that the length in bytes is taken into account. As a result of the change, in case the user transfers the encoding as parameter in the DFROpen and DFWOpen functions, the length specified in the DFRGTxt and DFWPTxt functions means the quantity in bytes and not the quantity in characters

·          SAC # 17825 – The ByteCount function was implemented

The ByteCount(<CharacterExpresion>, <Encoding>) function was implemented. Given a specific encoding, this function returns the quantity of bytes of a string.

·          SAC # 17868 – Support to validate XML against schema

The scheme support as xml validation type (&xmlreader.ValidationType) and the AddSchema method were implemented in Java.

·          SAC # 17911 – Change of behavior of MSG Command

There was a change of behavior regarding MSG when it is called from a submit

Corrected Errors

·          SAC # 9614 – Error: ‘java.lang.Exception: ‘’ cannot be deleted’

When there is a ‘dependency’ (.zip/.jar) added in the GXWS Dep. Located in the model directory, the error occurs on building the application’ s jar.

·          SAC # 14819 – Error when leaving blob attribute empty

There is a table with a blob attribute. If a record is inserted or updated and the field remains with empty value, an error occurs

·          SAC # 14847 – Error copying data in reorganization with blobs

There is a table with a Blob attribute with stored data. The attribute is empty for one of the records. On reorganizing the table, the blob attribute of this record remains with the value of the previous record.

·          SAC # 15570 – Picture on Numeric fields remains wrong in reports

Some pictures defined on Numeric fields remain wrong in reports.

·          SAC # 16547 – Today()Function and &Today variable return wrong value

Today()function and &Today variable return a wrong value depending on the system time.

·          SAC # 16563 – Problem on attempting to execute body “onkeydown” event

The form_onkeypress should be declared in the “header” so that, if a key is pressed before the page is completely loaded, this will avoid an error occurrence on attempting to execute the “onkeydown” event of the “body” since it is quite possible that the handler of this event, located in the corresponding file, has not been loaded yet.

·          SAC # 16784 – Radio buttons click event does not work using SWT

The radio buttons click event is not working when using SWT

·          SAC # 16845 – Attributes inferred in transaction get deleted with compound

Given a transaction with compound key, when entering the last key attribute, the secondary attributes that were inferred based on the first key attributes – (client side validation = yes) get lost (they got deleted from the screen).

·          SAC # 16985 – Generation of Wml Code with Freestyle

A Web Panel with freestyle grid and the Tag Language WML property gives error in some emulators.

·          SAC # 17078 – Click event in checkbox using SWT

Double clicking on a grid checkbox is required so that the click event is triggered when using SWT interface.

·          SAC # 17218 – Checkbox variable loaded with web prompt

The value of a checkbox is wrongly loaded in the web form when the load is performed based on what was selected in a prompt.

·          SAC # 17315 – Prompt on in grid control does not enable the link to the pr

There is a grid, and a column with a bitmap type variable is included to associate it a prompt on over this control. The problem is that when executing the object, the column with the corresponding bitmap appears, but the link from this control to the prompt is not enabled. The link started appearing in .NET U5, but the variable is repeated several times in the grid.

·          SAC # 17349 – Shell modal does not work on calling an object with interfac

If an executable with interface is called through the shell function in modal form, the called object remains locked in the task manager.

·          SAC # 17566 – TabControl visible property does not work in SWT = 0 does not work with SWT interface.

·          SAC # 17577 – Navigation buttons work wrong with compound key

There is a transaction with compound key where there is a date attribute as part of this key. On navigating through the records with the “Next” and “Previous” buttons, the order is wrong.

·          SAC # 17578 – Rules are triggered at the wrong time with CSV

There is a transaction with foreign key and with Client Side Validation. Some transaction rules are triggered

at the wrong time.

·          SAC # 17610 – On modifying a grid line, it does not move to the next one

There is a 2-level transaction with the serial rule. On inserting two lines, if you return to the first line entered to make the correction, you are no longer able to move to the second one with the field exit key.

·          SAC # 17619 – Focus gets lost after MSG() with SWT

There is a workpanel with several variables and a MSG() is performed. When returning to the workpanel window the focus gets lost.

·          SAC # 17620 – Cannot exit field with ENTER with SWT in some controls

There is a transaction with a field defined as CheckBox or Radio Button. When the focus is on this field, you cannot exit with Enter. You can exit with Tab.

·          SAC # 17621 – C(1) fields wrongly visualized with SWT

There is a C(1) variable/attribute; it is wrongly visualized in runtime if executed with SWT.

·          SAC # 17628 – Status bar messages are not updated executing with SUN

There is a workpanel that calls a procedure. It prints messages in the status bar while performing other things. These messages are not displayed until the procedure execution is completed and only the last message remains in the status bar.

·          SAC # 17678 – Error on clicking prompt using SWT and CSV

There is a win transaction with foreign key. Executing with Client Side Validation enabled and with SWT interface, a “ NO MATCHING <table name>” error occurs on clicking prompt.

·          SAC # 17687 – App remains in background on printing report with SWT

The application remains in background when you send a report that has Report Output = Ask User

to be printed. This happens when GXAsk appears and only if you are executing with SWT.

·          SAC # 17690 – Color rule does not work in Grid executing with Sun

If a color is assigned with the ‘Color’ rule to the background in a variable loaded in a grid, the color does not appear until the cursor is positioned on the row to which the color was assigned.

·          SAC # 17695 – Calendar returns wrong date with SWT

There is an attribute/variable in the form and you right click to choose the date of the calendar. If the month is modified and the date is selected, this date is returned with the previously selected month.

·          SAC # 17700 – Conditional noaccept()rule works wrong with SWT

There is a transaction with the noaccept() rule conditioned to the value of an attribute; the rule works wrong.

·          SAC # 17702 – asc() function returns negative with some characters

The asc() function applied on some Japanese characters is returning negative numbers. The problem is that it is returning the value of a short (int16) and some characters occupy more than this.

·          SAC # 17717 – Font properties do not work with SWT

Font properties, such as FontSize, FontBold, etc, do not work when executed with SWT.

·          SAC # 17718 – Cursor wrongly positioned in subfile on pressing KeyDown

There is a 2-level transaction. A line is entered in the second level and, on reaching the end of this line, KeyDown is pressed. The cursor gets positioned on the cell below instead of at the beginning of the following line

·          SAC # 17728 – File that was entered as BLOB cannot be deleted

There is a transaction with a BLOB attribute. If after entering or updating a record you want to delete or modify the file, an error occurs informing that the file is in use.

·          SAC # 17737 – Control edit never overlaps a radio button – SWT

You want to have a control edit over a radio button in win interface. It works with MS Virtual Machine provided visible = TRUE is explicitly programmed for the control edit within an event. Nevertheless, this does not work with SWT.

·          SAC # 17741 – Problem with submit command

There is a procedure that calls another one through submit. The procedure is executed from the commands line or from a win application. When the execution is completed, the thread of the “submitted” object is interrupted.

·          SAC # 17746 – Click event works wrong in combo box – SWT

The click event associated to the combo boxes of a win object is not working as expected using SWT

·          SAC # 17758 – Key attributes of the second level are accepted

Attributes that are key of a transaction second level should not be modifiable.

·          SAC # 17759 – Problem in check of web trn and enabled

In the grid of a 2-level web transaction there is a condition establishing whether a column is accepted

or not. When checking, the entire column remains enabled.

·          SAC # 17760 – Problems with proxy and java application

Two problems were detected when attempting to access a server through a proxy.

·          SAC # 17764 – High use of memory in PDF reports

An excessive use of memory is detected when executing a PDF report

·          SAC # 17768 – Serial rule repeats numbers

There is a 2-level transaction and the key of the second level is automatically numerated with the serial rule. In some cases, when entering records in the second level, numbers get repeated.

·          SAC # 17769 – Grid lines get lost with SWT

There is a 2-level transaction. In some cases, the grid lines get deleted

·          SAC # 17770 – AuthenticateLDAP() function always returns 0

There is an object that uses the AuthenticateLDAP() function. This function always returns 0.

·          SAC # 17774 – Grid lines are not deleted with SWT

There is a 2-level transaction. In the second level there is a foreign key and an inferred attribute. On marking a line to delete it, it is not deleted.

·          SAC # 17776 – PDF reports with return work wrong

There is a PDF report where the report logic performs a return within a for each, but a print command should be previously executed. In this case, nothing is printed on the screen.

·          SAC # 17779 – Problem with Threads pool

A problem was detected with the threads pool

·          SAC # 17780 – Error with numeric fields picture using Decimal Arithmetic

There is a report where a decimal is printed with picture. An error occurs in runtime with the property Use Decimal Arithmetic=Yes .

·          SAC # 17781 – Problem with exit event in MDI application

There is a workpanel that calls another from the start event. The main workpanel has the exit event programmed. When the application is closed with the MDI cross, the exit event is not executed.

·          SAC # 17788 – SUM formula is wrongly calculated with CSV

There is a 2-level transaction with a SUM vertical formula attribute. Working with CSV, the formula is wrongly calculated.

·          SAC # 17789 – Grid with horizontal scroll does not work fine

There is a 2-level transaction and, in the form, the second level grid with horizontal scroll bar; in some cases visualizing all the grid fields is not possible.

·          SAC # 17790 – Focus gets positioned in noaccept field

There is a 2-level transaction. All the first level attributes are with noaccept as well as the first grid attribute. On entering to the transaction, the focus gets positioned in the first grid field.

·          SAC # 17792 – Aggregate/select formulas are wrongly generated

It was detected that aggregate select formulas were wrongly generated when there were conditional filters (with WHEN) in the conditions tab of the web panel.

·          SAC # 17800 – Problem with search rule

The search rule does not work if the record where it is positioned is greater than the quantity of records in

the grid.

·          SAC # 17804 – Problem when filtering by nullvalue in Oracle

In Oracle, when the select statement is generated in static modality

·          SAC # 17804 – Problem when filtering by nullvalue in Oracle

In Oracle, when the select statement is generated in static modality (a when-conditional constraint is used) and there is the need to filter by a GeneXus null char field, the filter is performed by “ (empty) instead of by ‘ ‘ (blank)

·          SAC # 17806 – Optimized SUM is not generated with Arithmetic=Yes

There is a procedure with a for each where the value of an attribute in a variable is accumulated. If the attribute is decimal and the preference Use Decimal Arithmetic=Yes is programmed, the code optimized with a SUM is not generated

·          SAC # 17812 – Focus gets out of combo box with SWT

There is a transaction and one of the attributes has a Combo Box type control assigned. If the KeyDown key is setup as field exit, when the focus is over the combo it changes its value and besides it gets out of the field.

·          SAC # 17813 – Focus moves backwards in grid with horizontal scroll

There is a 2-level transaction. The grid corresponding to the second level has a horizontal scroll bar.

When the line is entered pressing TAB to move to another field, on performing the grid automatic scroll, the focus returns to an already entered field.

·          SAC # 17815 – New with autonumber in db2 iSeries does not work

There is a 2-level transaction where the header key is autonumbered. From a procedure, on doing new to the first level, the key is inserted and generated, but on attempting to do new in the second level all keys are generated with 0.

·          SAC # 17823 – Userid(‘server’) and SetUserId in main procedure

In a web panel, the user to be managed for the UserId() function is setup with the SetUserId function. From this wbp you make a call to a proc _main_ that does a &user=UserId(‘server’), but this is working wrong; it does not return the user setup with the setUserId function.

·          SAC # 17826 – Optimized SUM does not compile with different data types

There is a procedure with a For Each that is solved with an optimized SUM between variables/attributes

with or without decimals. With the preference Decimal Arithmetic=Yes, it does not compile.

·          SAC # 17827 – Focus gets lost with ALT+TAB with SWT interface

There is a WIN application executing with SWT. If you are in a work panel and move to another window with ALT-TAB, when returning to the application the focus does not remain in the same place.

·          SAC # 17834 – Dynamic call behavior differs from static

The dynamic call behavior is expected to be the same as the static call behavior when any of the called classes does not exist.

·          SAC # 17836 – Paging methods do not work under certain conditions

There is a grid where you do a join of two tables and a

filter over this grid. Some paging methods such as PageCount and LastPage are not working.

·          SAC # 17855 – Behavior of combo box and back button of browser

There is a combo box in the webform and you use the browser back button. The data selected in the combo box is wrong (it is the same that was selected before pressing back).

·          SAC # 17858 – Problems with like in dynamic conditions against Iseries

In a Work Panel conditioned with like, when and generated against db2 for iSeries, generation is not optimal.

This happens with Iseries V5R3.

·          SAC # 17870 – Problem with serial rule and CSV

There are two transactions; one of them represents the second level of the other. In the second level transaction there is a serial rule. On entering a record it gives: “Record already exists”.

·          SAC # 17902 – SDT classes are not transferred

SDT classes are not transferred to the Servlet Directory.

·          SAC # 17904 – An error occurs when closing the Deployment Wizard

An error occurs on screen 3 of the Deployment Wizard on closing it with the cross while building a war.

·          SAC # 17923 – Longvarchar in win transaction grid is not updated in 3 tier

Pending fix of sac 17643. Longvarchar in win transaction grid is not updated for 3-tier applications as well as when updating with ENTER key.

·          SAC # 17960 – Java standard routines are not updated

When installing a new Java upgrade, if the number of the new upgrade build is lower than the number

of the already installed upgrade build, standard classes are not copied on generating.

·          SAC # 17985 – DblClick event does not work in SWT

Double click event does not work in SWT; a single click is detected.

·          SAC # 17992 – IsValid of readonly field is not triggered in SWT

In a GUI application executing with Sun and SWT, the isValid event of a readonly field is not triggered; neither by setting the enable = 0 property nor by setting the noaccept rule on it.

·          SAC # 18014 – Error in 3-tier GUI applications in platforms without GUI

A 3-tier WIN application works wrong in platforms without graphic support (ie LINUX) that call a remote procedure



·          GeneXus standard classes (, have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 upgrade 5 version or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main objeto(s) + add called).


·          As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the servers where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running.


New Features

·          SAC # 17706 – IMEMode property has been implemented in Windows

Corrected Errors

·          SAC # 12419 – Wrkst() does not work with Sun’s VM

When executing with Sun’s VM, the Wrkst() function returns and empty string

·          SAC # 15110 – Property windowstate does not work with JFC and MDI

·          SAC # 15893 – Attributes inferred in CSV get zeroed

There is a transaction with compound key consisting of more than one foreign key. When working in insert mode and with Client Side Validation, on entering the second key and inferring its description, the description of the first foreign key gets zeroed.

·          SAC # 16007 – Serial rule repeats numbers in lines with Client Side Valida

There is a 2-level TRN and there is a Serial rule to numerate the key of the second level automatically. The “Client Side Validation = Yes” is setup. In some cases the same number is repeated to numerate different lines and when the TRN is confirmed the following error occurs: “Record already exists”.

·          SAC # 16234 – Parameters are not transferred in call to PDF report from we

Paremeters are not transferred on calling a PDF report from a web transaction if the parameter is called in

a AfterInsert, AfterComplete rule.

·          SAC # 16262 – Characters with accent do not appear in mail with webwrapper

Characters with accent (á, ç, etc) are not being shown in mails that were sent using webwrapper data type. This occurs with fixed texts in the web object and with text blocks with HTML Format.

·          SAC # 16417 – Parameters are not transferred in aftercomplete

If you make a call in the AfterComplete event, the called object does not receive the parameters.

·          SAC # 16668 – The BackColor property works wrong with SWT in grids

If you assign the BackColor property in a variable loaded in a grid, it does not appear until positioned on the row to which the color was assigned.

·          SAC # 16977 – Properties at secondary data store level are not considered

There is a model with multiple data stores defined. Each Data Store has its properties. Nevertheless, only the value of the main data store is considered in the “show connection dialog” property. That is to say, if you want to show the connection dialog with one of the data stores and you do not want to show it with another one, this will not be possible, since the value setup in the main data store will be the one that “wins”.

·          SAC # 16990 – Problems with Client Side Validation and serial rule

Having Client Side Validation = yes and using serial rule, there are many case where the serial rule is not working properly.

·          SAC # 16999 – WindowState property is not working properly

WindowState property is not working properly neither using SWT nor JFC

·          SAC # 17125 – Controls performed in Delete should not be performed

Some controls performed on entering a transaction in delete mode should not be performed

·          SAC # 17268 – Grid.visible = 0 causes load all

In web environment, if a grid is hidden with the visible property , although the grid has the rows property setup, all table records in the server that match the filters are accesed (although they are not sent to the client).

·          SAC # 17276 – Color in readonly fields does not work in certain conditions

The Color in read-only fields preference is setup with the original value. Nevertheless, the field text color is grayed when it is readonly.

·          SAC # 17320 – Problems with reorg in DB2400 models with datastores

There is a model setup for DB2400. Besides, there is a Secondary Datastore defined. The reorganization programs are taken the name of the secondary datastore database instead of the default one.

·          SAC # 17394 – Focus is positioned in readonly field

There is a 2-level win transaction. The first grid file has a noaccept rule. On pressing the tab to go from the first level to the second one, the focus gets positioned on the first grid field although the field is not editable.

·          SAC # 17405 – Grid is wrongly drawn with SWT graphic interface

There is a 2-level transaction. In the form, there are controls under the second level grid and the grid gets drawn over these controls.

·          SAC # 17417 – Dynamic call does not cancel when the class does not exist

When there is a dynamic call and the called class does not exist, the application does not cancel; instead, it continues its execution.

·          SAC # 17423 – Error when using external webservice

The following error occurs when using external webservice: Name of parameter 1 different than expected.(1)

·          SAC # 17450 – Focus is lost in application with SWT interface

Sometimes, when executing a WIN application with SWT interface, problems occur resulting from focus loss.

·          SAC # 17454 – Problem with non modal Report Viewer

There is a Win application from which reports are sent to be printed on screen using the Report Viewer in non modal modality (Preference Modal = NO).

The problem is that it is not possible to execute more than 1 report without closing the Report Viewer.

·          SAC # 17462 – Workpanel exit event is not executed

There is a Java win, MDI application with the exit event setup. On pressing the closing cross on the workpanel window or the windows container the exit event is not executed. It is executed on pressing the close button.

·          SAC # 17516 – Focus gets lost on calling a prompt from grid – SWT

If you call a prompt from the lines of a grid using SWT interface, once the value selected in the prompt has returned, the focus get positioned in the first editable field of the transaction.

·          SAC # 17534 – Compilation error with Gxselfile

The Gxselfile function gives compilation error.

·          SAC # 17542 – GXNewFile does not work with Sun´s VM

The Gxnewfile function does not work with Sun’s Virtual Machine

·          SAC # 17555 – Horizontal formula is not triggered with decimal arithmetic

There is a transaction with a vertical formula. This formula is not triggered in UPD mode if there is the following model preference: Use Decimal Arithmetic = YES and Client Side Validation = Yes

·          SAC # 17556 – 2nd level attribute is not inferred with CSV

There is a 2-level transaction with serial rule over the second level key. On inserting a second record, attribute is not inferred through a foreign key.

·          SAC # 17557 – Error rule is not triggered in 2nd level attribute

There is a 2-level transaction with an error rule conditioned on a 2nd level attribute; with Client Side


·          SAC # 17559 – Modifications get deleted on confirming after error rule

There is a transaction with a programmed error rule. If you enter in update mode and you cause the error rule to be triggered, the rule is correctly triggered, but if it is confirmed again, the modifications get deleted.

·          SAC # 17563 – Confirmation prompt is not required on deleting record

There is the preference “Confirmation=Never Prompt”. No confirmation is being requested when a record is deleted.

·          SAC # 17589 – Error rule allows confirming transaction

There is a transaction with an error rule conditioned to a variable. It is correctly triggered but it allows confirming the transaction.

·          SAC # 17600 – Division gives different results in workpanel and report

There is a workpanel where a division is made. There is also a report where the same division is made. The result obtained in each of them is different.

·          SAC # 17604 – Error when prompt returns date as last parameter

·          SAC # 17633 – Problem with load on request and cursors

In win applications, cursors opened by a workpanel load with load on request are not being closed when the workpanel is closed without reading all subfile records.

·          SAC # 17638 – Problems with vertical Position of texts in PDF Reports

The vertical position of texts in PDF reports are different in design than in execution

·          SAC # 17639 – Sort does not work by decimal field in grid

There is a grid with a decimal column. If the preference Use Decimal Arithmetic = YES is setup, it does not sort by this field on clicking on the column title. With the other data types it works OK.

·          SAC # 17641 – Variable values get lost in grid when using scroll bar

There is a grid with variables to which values have been assigned in different events. If you use the scroll bar until the row disappears, on returning to visualize the row again the variables have lost their values.

·          SAC # 17643 – Longvarchar in win transaction grid is not updated

When you enter in update mode to a 2-level transaction that has a Longvarchar type attribute in the

grid, the changes made on this field do not remain saved.

·          SAC # 17651 – Webwrappers do not work in win

Webwrappers do not work in win.



·          Requiers at least the Upgrade 5 of Development Environment, but we recommend the Upgrade 6.

·          Requiers the Upgrade 6 of Development Environment in order to work with National Language Support (NLS) on DB2 UDB. More details in al SAC #16794.

·          We recommend to do a build all or to regenerate those main object(s) required + add called. GeneXus standard classes ( have changed; therefore, it is not compatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 Upgrade 4 or any previous version must be regenerated.

·          In case of multi-tier applications or web applications (servlets), it will be necessary to update standard classes ( in the servers where the application server and/or the servlets server are running.

·          In case of using PDF Reports, the iText.jar must be copied to the classpath of the application. More details in SAC #17103.

New Features

·          SAC # 16794 – The NLS was implemented for DB2 UDB

The ‘National Language Support’ has been implemented for DB2 Universal Database in Java. This support allows working with ‘double byte’ characters (Chinese and Japanese) in db2 udb.

·          SAC # 16992 – Optimization of Toxml()

The toxml() method generated the namespace reference for each item, even when each item had the same namespace. This would not be necessary. E.g.: If all the elements saved in toxml() correspond to the same namespace, it would only be necessary to save the namespace once, at the top. This optimization was implemented.

·          SAC # 17103 – New management of PDF files

As from upgrade 5 of Java and .NET version 8.0, there is a new management of PDF-format files. This allowed the correction of several errors related to the generation with PDF’s.

·          SAC # 17142 – EncodingStyle attribute is not allowed when using service

The following error occurs when using a web service: “Server was unable to process request ‘EncodingStyle’ attribute is not allowed”.

Corrected Errors

·          SAC # 8518 – ‘Move Control’ options do not work

‘Move Control’ options do not work (Z-order is not respected).

·          SAC # 13164 – Trn with subfiles in tabs called in display mode fails

There is a transaction with multiple parallel levels and the subfiles distributed in different tabs of a tab dialog. When this transaction is called in DISPLAY mode, instantiating the header key, if there are subfiles

without records, the transaction seems to be crashed and does not allow visualizing the tabs.

·          SAC # 14073 – Web components inside FreeStyle grids

If there is a web component loaded inside a Free Style Grid, the theme associated to the web component will not end up being referred to in the page.

·          SAC # 14709 – Problem with link in webwrapper in JAVA

BaseURL is not taken into account in Java webwrapper’s.

·          SAC # 14758 – Subfile column is not hidden in web TRN

There is a variable in a TRN subfile. According to a condition in the rules, the variable should be hidden, but is not.

·          SAC # 14928 – Collapsed = TRUE in nested grids

If you want to indicate a grid that is within another grid to be collapsed on loading the page, this does not work.

·          SAC # 15092 – DatePicker Flat saves the time with 12hs format wrong

When using DatePicker Flat (“Display Flat = True”) to save the date and time, if the 12hs format is used (“Time Format = 12 hour”), the time is saved in the database with this format.

·          SAC # 15499 – Span with the same text content

The spans Id is wrongly generated in HTML when there is more than one with the same text. A similar problem occurs with images.

·          SAC # 15955 – The same ID is generated for all Textblocks

The same ID is generated for all the form Textblocks.

·          SAC # 16210 – Prompt that returns data in readonly variables

When a value is returned from a prompt to a readonly variable, the variable content is correctly visualized. Nevertheless, when the post to the server is triggered, the visualized value will not coincide with the value that will be actually received (a null value will be received).

·          SAC # 16310 – JscriptSrc function generates HTML wrongly

The HTML corresponding to the function that access the JscriptSrc header, is wrongly generated.

·          SAC # 16402 – Error is triggered twice with client side validation

Error is triggered twice with client side validation

·          SAC # 16573 – Compiling error in wbp, with pagination and condit.filters

In some web panels with pagination, conditional filters and/or grid conditional order, a compilation error of the type ‘cannot resolve symbol’ can occur.

·          SAC # 16722 – For first that updates conditioned to sdt fails

There is a for each conditioned to the fact that the primary key must be the same as the value of a sdt (structured data type). This for each (actually, a for first) also updates the table. In this case, the application fails in runtime.

·          SAC # 16725 – The WAR Deployment cancels when using japaneese

If there is a web object with a japaneese description, the war deployment cancels with a runtime error.

·          SAC # 16762 – Problems with events triggering

There are some problems with the events triggering under some specific conditions.

·          SAC # 16785 – Prompt link is not enabled under certain conditions

There is a prompt on a transaction attribute and there is an enabled rule on this same attribute. The rule is conditioned to a secondary attribute. Although the condition evaluates TRUE, the prompt remains disabled (the link is not enabled).

·          SAC # 16849 – Error with conditional filter on datetime in AS with date

There is a conditional filter on a datetime-type attribute, in a model against Db2 For Iseries. On executing, an error of the following type occurs: [SQL0180] Date, time or time indication value syntax is not valid

·          SAC # 16876 – Error rule causes formula to fail

There is a SUM formula in a 2-level transaction. The error rule on this formula causes the formula to be wrongly calculated, in some cases

·          SAC # 16903 – Funny characters in japanes PDF Reports

With some Kanji japanese characters, the PDF report is generated with funny characters

·          SAC # 16908 – LINK function with DATE parm. Does not compile in procs

In a procedure (o report), there is a link function with a date type parameter; e.g.: &url= link(‘algo’,&fecha). An error occurs at compile time.

·          SAC # 16922 – ORA-01008: not all variables bound

An error occurs when attempting to update a blob field in Oracle. The error is the following: ORA-01008: not all variables bound

·          SAC # 16935 – Parameters are not transferred to web panel

If you call a web panel from the rules of a transaction, the web panel does not receive the parameters. This occurs in web environments.

·          SAC # 16953 – ToXML generates different xml en .Net and Java

When there is a collection, and you use the ToXML method, the XML tags that correspond to the sdt (structured data type) collection items is generated differently in .Net and Java.

·          SAC # 16955 – Errors in cursors when executing with Sun

When you perform an update on Iseries, executing with Sun VM, errors of the following type may occur: CURSOR NOT OPEN or ‘Cursor name is ambiguous’.

·          SAC # 16959 – Procedure with RELATIVE_URLS=Yes is wrongly generated

You have the config.gx so that the RELATIVE_URLS=Yes preference is taken. The problem is that a main SOAP procedure is wrongly generated and it does not compile.

·          SAC # 16975 – Bar code in pdf report does not work with “!”

We have detected that, specifically the “!” character in a bar code, in a pdf report, causes the code to be wrongly visualized.

·          SAC # 16989 – GeneXus standard messages in Japanese

GeneXus standard messages were translated into Japanese. The ones whose translation was pending were those codified in a jscript such as the message: “Value is not a number”.

·          SAC # 16993 – Header is added using ToXML

If you use the ToXML method of the SDT’s, the Java generator always adds a header for encoding,.

·          SAC # 17060 – Error in WAP generation with RELATIVE_URLS=Yes

The WML of a web panel is wrongly generated when config.gx has RELATIVE_URLS=Yes

·          SAC # 17063 – Prompts parameters with special characters

If a prompt parameter contains special characters, the returned value is wrong.

·          SAC # 17100 – Reorg.cfg is updated with GXDB_LOCATION

If a reorganization is generated and some 3-tier object of this kb is generated next, the reorg.cfg file is updated with GXDB_LOCATION, and it shouldn’t.

·          SAC # 17102 – Problems with Encoding in text files reading

Text files were respecting the encoding transferred to dfwopen, but the one transferred to the dfropen function was not taken into account. Therefore, if you saved a text file with Japanese characters, it remained OK, but when you read it with dfropen, it returned ‘funny characters’

·          SAC # 17105 – Load in Server does not always work in 3-tier applications

When there is a work panel with LOAD in the SERVER and a defined ORDER, records are not being loaded.

·          SAC # 17111 – Error on executing After Trn in 3-tier win

An error is occurring in runtime, in an RMI 3-tier model, when an action involving a dialog (with interface) is executed in the After Trn of a transaction, if the transaction is called instantiating key and mode.

·          SAC # 17115 – File cannot be deleted after FTP

A file is transferred to a FTP server and later you want to delete the original file using deletefile; the problem is that the file cannot be deleted.

·          SAC # 17135 – Error when using GX webservice from Visual

There are problems when attempting to use a webservice that returns a sdt collection from an application developed in Visual Studio .Net

·          SAC # 17141 – Methods namespace is not taken into account in Webservice

You use a service that has different namespace for the services and for the methods. When using it with GeneXus the method namespace is being taken equal to the service namespace.

·          SAC # 17192 – Problem with ToExcel method

You use the ToExcel method to generate an Excel spreadsheet based on the data of a grid. Once the spreadsheet has been generated, Excel remains “started up” and therefore the spreadsheet cannot be opened.

·          SAC # 17216 – Error in runtime when using Authentication in SMTP

If you use the Authentication method with SMTP mail functions, an error occurs in runtime with the Java generator.

·          SAC # 17221 – Problem with dates and conditional filters in Iseries

When there are conditional filters on date-type attributes and you are working against db2 for Iseries with CHAR(8) data type for the dates, records are wrongly filtered.

·          SAC # 17238 – Locks problems when downloading files

When programming a simple download, after the user downloads the file the OS doesn´t allow opening or deleting the file because it has been locked by the servlet engine.

·          SAC # 17244 – Prompts do not work transferring special characters

If special characters or any Japanese character is transferred in the prompt rule in web, these characters are wrongly transferred. Funny characters are visualized.

·          SAC # 17247 – Report Output Dialog is wrongly seen in Japanese PC’s

The dialog of the Report Output and of the ask() function is wrongly seen in some Japanese PC’s. The reason is that the font used to display the characters is MS Sans Serif or non-specified, and it should be MS Mincho.

·          SAC # 17280 – Problem with string delimiter, reading text file

In many cases, there are problems when reading txt files that have empty fields.

·          SAC # 17292 – Problems with specific characters in PDF reports

We have detected that certain characters within a PDF report, such as **, caused an error of the following type on executing the report: There was a problem reading this document (114)

·          SAC # 17309 – Time Zone of mails sent with SMTP protocol

There was a change in the way of calculating the Time Zone corresponding to the mails sent using SMTP protocol with the Java generator.

·          SAC # 17321 – PageCount and RecordCount return -1

PageCount and RecordCount do not work on a grid when there are two foreign keys on the same table

·          SAC # 17417 – Dynamic call does not cancel when the class does not exist

When there is a dynamic call and the called class does not exist, the application does not cancel; instead, it continues its execution.

Upgrade #4

Important Notes of Compatibility

·          The Upgrade #5 of Development Enviroment is required


·          We recommend to do a build all or to regenerate those main object(s) required  + add called. GeneXus standard classes ( have changed; therefore, it is not compatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 Upgrade 3 or any previous version must be regenerated. 



·          In case of multi-tier applications or web applications (servlets), it will be necessary to update standard classes ( in the servers where the application server and/or the servlets server are running. 


New Features 

·          SAC # 16061 -   NLS was implemented  for  Oracle <9x versions

The National Language Support has been implemented for versions previous to Oracle 9i.

·          SAC # 16371 – New Model Properties: ‘Event Handling’

New properties have been added at model level: before commit, after commit, before rollback and after rollback. They indicate the procedures to be executed before and after each commit or rollback. The main benefit is that they allow “signing” the actions executed in the database when completing a UTL, thus leaving this information available for auditing purposes.   

·          SAC # 16493 – Stretch property for images (control )

The stretch property has been implemented in the images of Java and .Net win applications. This property allows specifying whether you want to maintain the images original size or customize it according to the size of the control containing them.   

·          SAC # 16494 – The AuthenticateLDAP() function was implemented in 2 tiers 

The AuthenticateLDAP() function has been implemented in 2 tiers  (WIN and WEB).

·          SAC # 16659 – Changing the database in runtime   

The possibility of changing the database in runtime has been implemented in web applications when using J2EE servers datasource instead of the GeneXus connections pool for the connections.    

·          SAC # 16667 – Relative Links support

Now, you can indicate that the links generated for an applications will be relative and not absolute. Previously, they were always absolute. 

·          SAC # 16686 -   SetUserid() and SetWrkst()were implemented

The setuserid and setwrkst functions have been implemented. These functions indicate the values that must be returned by the userid and wrkst functions. These functions apply to web and win in 2 and 3 tiers.  

·          SAC # 16687 – Wrkst() in 3 tiers and web

A new mechanism has been implemented for the wrkst() function so that it also has its  real sense (returning the  ‘workstation’ that executed the program) for 3-tier and web applications.

Corrected Errors 


·          SAC # 8846 – Problem with picture 99-99-99-99 in Reports and Wbps

The 99-99-99-99 picture defined for attributes/variables is not taken into account in Reports and Webpanels.

·          SAC # 12115 – Problems when sending mail through server with Qmail

When attempting to send a mail using Linux or Omail as server, the mail is not sent.   

·          SAC # 12463 - <Table> was changed in transaction with formulas and error

There is a 2-level web transaction. In the first level there is a SUM formula of a second level attribute and also an error rule that controls that a specific amount is entered in the second level. The Confirmation property is in Never Prompt.

·          SAC # 13001 – Previous default rule in 2-level transaction does not work

There is a 2-level transaction with a default(<att>,previous()) rule where att is a second level attribute. 

·          SAC # 13124 – Problems with preferences when having 2 environments in the model 

Preferences setup in secondary generators are not taken into account if the same preference exists in the default generator. 

·          SAC # 14207 – Problem with conditional dates and filters  

Filtering of date type attributes are wrongly performed with conditional filters. Sometimes it gives errors or filters are wrongly solved.  

·          SAC # 14484 – Combo values repeated in trn used as web component

When using a web transaction (without instantiated mode) as Web component dynamically created in a web panel,  the combobox, radiobutom and listbox values get duplicated when executing an event such as get.   

·          SAC # 14865 – ScriptName property works wrong 

The ScriptName property of the Httprequest data type is working wrong.

·          SAC # 14893 – Autonumber is not created in Oracle when using schema

There is a model in Oracle with a TRN in which an attribute is setup as autonumber. A schema has been setup in the model. 

·          SAC # 15546 – Grid with horizontal Scroll is wrongly seen after refresh

There is a  work panel with a grid that has the horizontal scroll enabled. When scrolling and doing refresh the grid gets “blurred”.   

·          SAC # 15593 – Autonumber gets lost in reorganization

In PostgreSQL and Oracle, after a reorganization on the table with the autonumber property, this property gets lost.   

·          SAC # 15724 – Autonumber is wrongly created in Oracle

Autonumber is wrongly created in Oracle when set on an already created table whose records were entered. 

·          SAC # 15769 – Grid records change on selecting them 

There is a grid with two variables. One of them is a combo. On selecting a line and then the one one, the latter gets changed. 

·          SAC # 15975 – ‘Table was modified’ with error rule and formula 

In a 2-level transaction with a count agg/select type formula and an error rule, the “Table was modified” error occurs on executing when modifying a line value. 

·          SAC # 16080 – Problems with SUN + SWT

These problems occur on executing with sun and SWT as interface.

·          SAC # 16102 – Error on creating LOGGED database against  Informix

In the dbms options of an INFORMIX model  you have DATABASE TYPE = LOGGED. An error of the following type occurs on executing create database: ‘java.lang.ClassCastException at com.genexus.db.driver.GXDBMSinformix.commit’

·          SAC # 16322 – Picture with % prefix is wrongly shown in web object 

When using a picture with % prefix over a numeric field, the picture is wrongly shown in runtime. 

·          SAC # 16343 – Error when executing wkp main with tabcontrol as applet

In some cases, an error of the following type occurs on executing as applet:  java.lang.SecurityException: J/Direct method has not been authorized for use on behalf of an untrusted caller

·          SAC # 16394 – Error with Default rule and Date  attributes  

If there is a transaction with the Default rule where nullvalue is assigned to a Date attribute in addition to the model properties. Generate null for nullvalues=YES and Initialize not referenced attributes=NO, the NULL value is not inserted. 

·          SAC # 16444 – PageCount does not work if there is a Join in the grid 

If there is a grid that implies a Join, the pagecount does not work properly. 

·          SAC # 16459 – Elements in a collenction are wrongly compared 

If there is an SDT that has a collection attribute in its structure, the comparisons are wrongly made. 

·          SAC # 16480 – Report Output options in Chinese remain wrong 

Characters remain wrong (“funny characters”) when working with Chinese language in the options given by the report output dialog.    

·          SAC # 16487 – Compilation error in trn with Grid free style and table

There is a 2-level transaction. In the web form, the form is defined as grid free with a table within to align the fields. An error occurs on compiling. 

·          SAC # 16495 -   TAGS HTML generated in excess 

In some circumstances, when grids are combined within tables in a specific order on the screen, they may appear wrongly drawn since the generated HTML is wrong.  

·          SAC # 16498 – Problem with conditional order and date filter with Oracle   

When there is a conditional order, a date filter and the variable corresponding to the date filter is null, the following error occurs in runtime:  Message : ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected

·          SAC # 16511 – Differences in Tag Table between GX 7.5 y 8.0  

There exists differences in some cases, between the HTML code generated in 8.0 version and the one generated in the 7.5 verision.

·          SAC # 16521 – Difference between design and execution in report 

A table with lines and rectangles and textblock is built in the design of a pdf report. In runtime, textblocks   appear outside the “cells”.   

·          SAC # 16607 – Assignment between SDTs collections does not compile   

An error occurs on compiling when assigning an SDT collection to another.  

·          SAC # 16610 - # character is encoded in escape sequences within URL parameters 

Establishing a link to a label and then recovering the parameters does not work since the #  character is taken as part of the URL parameters.   

·          SAC # 16615 - does not work with SWT

The click event on an image is not triggered executing with Sun and SWT.  

·          SAC # 16654 – Using SWT, prompt (F4) does not work on grid

Executing with Sun and SWT, the call to prompt (f4) on a grid line does not work.   


·          SAC # 16702 – Error with HTTPRequest and Webwrapper properties

An error occurs in runtime when sending a mail using webwrapper if HTTPRequest data type is used within the logic of the web panel sent by mail.

·          SAC # 16703 – Checkbox value in POST gets lost if disabled   

If you have a disabled checkbox, its value gets lost in a POST.   

·          SAC # 16710 – Error in delete mode in 3-tier transaction 

An error occurs in a ‘work with’ of a 3-tier transaction, on selecting a grid line and accessing the transaction in delete mode and then confirming the deletion of the record.

·          SAC # 16744 -  ToXML does not work with date null file

If an SDT with a date with null value is converted to XML (TOXML), the element corresponding to the DATA field is not saved in the XML file.   

·          SAC # 16751 – GXWS deployment built is not installed with Sun and SWT

There is a GUI application running with Sun and SWT. On building the deployment no problem occurs, but on installing the application it fails with an error of the following type: 



·          SAC # 16764 – Problems with SWT and dynamic combos  

A dynamic combo box within a tab control using SWT is not visualized and an error occurs in runtime within a grid.   

·          SAC # 16806 – Characters cannot be selected with SWT  

When working with Sun and SWT, in some cases it is not possible to select characters of an editable field.   

·          SAC # 16850 – Procedure with Error Handler fails in compilation  

It was detected that, under certain conditions, if there are objects in the kb that use the error handler and a build all is executed, some of them are wrongly generated with the java generator.  


Upgrade #3

Important Notes of Compatibility

·          The Upgrade #5 of Development Enviroment is required, or the Upgrade #4 + some files  that can be obtained here:,5,36,1486. These files must be copied to the the GeneXus directory. This requirements are necessary to avoid problems at some reorganizations.


·          We recommend DELETING   SM11_xx.ARI and SM12_xx.ari files from the kb before doing the build all.  This is because of the changes in the aris generation (documented in SAC # 15941 ) . By deleting these files you guarantee the kb integrity and avoid the appearance of Warnings when compiling.  


·          We also recommend to do a build all or to regenerate those main object(s) required  + add called. GeneXus standard classes ( have changed; therefore, it is not compatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 Upgrade 2 or any previous version must be regenerated. 


·          In case of multi-tier applications or web applications (servlets), it will be necessary to update standard classes ( in the servers where the application server and/or the servlets server are running. 

New Features 

·          SAC #14931 – SDT’s Properties or elements in optimized conditions

Properties or elements of SDTs can be used in optimized conditions.

·          SAC # 15910 – Change in webwrapper generation

When the Web panel sent by mail using WebWrapper data types is not a form (it does not have events/buttons), a tag FORM is not generated in the HTML of this Web panel and the javascripts that would be necessary only in case of sending a form by mail are not generated either.  

·          SAC # 15941 – Changes in the process to generate smXX_YY.ari files

The process to generate smXX_YY.ari files has been changed. These files contain information on the call browser between the objects of each model. This change is aimed at gaining stability in multi-user environments and generation performance. 

·          SAC # 15991 - DatePicker Javascripts and CSS  

Currently,  DatePicker javascripts and CSS are not included in the generated HTML unless it is necessary. 

·          SAC # 16092 – Change in javascripts generation

For performance reasons, from now on  Valid_integer, Valid_decimal and GX_js_close javascripts are included in only one .js that is referred to from the HTML.

·          SAC # 16124 – Support for servlet 2.4 specification in War Deployment

Servlet 2.4 specification support has been added to WAR Deployment.

·          SAC # 16148 - LDAP Users for Userid()

Some changes have been made in the model properties when working with LDAP authentication. A new feature allows setting up that the  UserId() function returns the LDAP user regardless of whether the code executes in the client or in the server.  

·          SAC #16209 – Improvements in management of local version of GXWS application

Currently, when there is a failure in the connection with the deployments server, it is possible to determine whether the message to the user asking him if he wants to execute the local version will be send or not.  

·          SAC #16351 -   NLS support for Iseries

The 'National Language Support' has been implemented for Iseries Java.  This support allows working with 'double byte' characters (Chinese and Japanese) in Iseries db2.

Corrected Errors 

·          SAC # 11971 - Error on saving a datetime in Postgresql

If the nullvalue is assigned to a Datetime attribute in a new in the PostgreSQL base, the following number should remain saved: 0001-01-01 00:00:00; instead, the number that remains saved is 0001-

·         SAC # 13863 – 2-level Webtrn in DSP mode shows empty rows as editable 

2-level web transactions called in display mode show the subfile empty rows as editable as well as the REMOVE variable. 

·          SAC # 14062 – Image changes on double clicking on subfile image 

There is a subfile with a bitmap type column in a workpanel. In the load event, different images are loaded in the column according to a condition. In runtime, when double clicking on the bitmap type column, the image of the row that was clicked changes. 

·         SAC # 14069 -   Error_handler rule works wrong 

When deleting a record, on attempting to capture a referential integrity error with the Error_handler rule, the program fails with the database error instead of capturing the error.  

·          SAC # 14604 – Web panel calling a procedure with sdt in the parms does not compile 

A web panel calling a procedure transferring a collection type SDT as parameter fails on compiling, with an error of the following type:  J0012: Expected ';'

·          SAC # 14790 - Error: <TABLA> was modified with Datetime attribute in web 

There is a web transaction with a Datetime attribute. If after inserting records you want to modify some of them, the following error occurs:  TABLA FUE MODIFICADA (or TABLE WAS CHANGED)

·         SAC # 14986 - Developer menu does not have encoding, it does not work in Chinese 

When working in Chinese in the developer menu web, it does not show the characters correctly. This is due to the fact that the execute.xml does not have encoding. 

·          SAC # 15102 – Varchar line breaks are not respected in web panel 

There is a web panel with Edit Box that shows the content of a varchar or long varchar attribute. When the attribute to be shown contains line breaks, it is shown in only one line without taking the line breaks into account.   

·         SAC # 15135 - error J0067: Cannot convert 'Object' to 'short'

There is a SDT with a multiple instances element (collection = true). A work panel that runs through each instance of this element as follows: &var = &LstNum2.Num.Item(&i),  does not compile

·         SAC # 15214 – Problem with cursor in Java transaction and foreign key 

When pressing Confirm and triggering any integrity error, rule or message, the cursor remains positioned on one of the foreign keys. 

·          SAC #15296 – Bar codes remain wrong in PDF report 

If a field with bar codes is included in a report saved as PDF, when generated, the PDF remains wrong. It works OK if it is visualized with Report Viewer. A solution was implemented; it consists in modifying some parameters in PDFReport.ini.

·         SAC # 15240 – Dynamic statement is wrongly built in db2 Universal DataBase

When doing a for each that filters by a datetime and has a when, the statement remains wrongly built in  db2 Universal Database.

·         SAC # 15394 - Problems with win calendar in Chinese 

In KBs with Chinese (Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese) language, the win calendar is being displayed in English.  

·         SAC # 15551 - Texts with Chinese characters do not compile 

Texts with Chinese characters do not compile when working in Windows with Chinese support (traditional and simplified)

·         SAC # 15615 -   Error() rule causes calculation errors in vertical formula 

In a 2-level transaction, vertical formulas are wrongly recalculated after an Error rule is triggered. 

·          SAC # 15729 – Dfrgtxt() does not work fine with strings seperators

When a .txt file has a string containg the seperator as part of it, for instance "Stevens, Pepe", then the function read the ',' of the string as the separador instead of another character of this field.

·          SAC # 15807 - PageCOUNT in grid with conditional filters remains wrong 

COUNT statement is wrongly generated in web panel with grid with paging and conditional filters. 

·         SAC # 15840 – Problem with Focus after triggering Error() in CSV

Working in a win transaction in insert mode and with Client Side Validation = YES, if a Error() rule is triggered, the focus remains on the key attribute, and when exiting it, the values of the other fields are zeroed. 

·         SAC # 15859 - Error Cursor name is ambiguous

There is a transaction with a foreign key. When inserting a record working with Client Side Validation, the following error occurs: "Cursor name is ambiguous"

·         SAC # 15864 – Generated code exceeds allowed  limit

There is a fairly complex web panel used as web component that contains empty controls. When executing, it fails with an error of the following type:  Error 500: java.lang.ClassFormatError: hcomplejo_impl (Code of a method longer than 65535 bytes)

·         SAC # 15891 – Reorganization error window with Sun does not have Details 

When a reorganization error occurs, the option to see the error details does not appear; instead, only a message announcing that an error has occurred appears. 

·         SAC # 15949 - Export Reorganization for AS/400

When doing CREATE DATABASE against AS/400, the name of the library is not read from the REORG.CFG configuration file; instead,  it is written in the source. This does not allow doing 'Export REorganization' on attempting to do a create database with a library other than the one specified when generating. 

·         SAC # 15961 – File delimited with empty fields is wrongly read 

If there is a file delimited with empty fields, these fields are not taken into account. 

·         SAC # 15963 - Unexpected '0' in pattern

On executing a web panel with a numeric type variable or attribute, e.g. Num(14,2), with a picture  ZZ,ZZZ,ZZZ,ZZZ.Z9, the following error occurs: Unexpected '0' in pattern "##,###,###,##0.#0"

·         SAC # 16005 – SDT classes are not copied to  servlet directory

When compiling a web panel that makes a reference to SDTs, the corresponding classes are not copied to the servlets directory. 

·         SAC # 16011 – Line breaks are not respected in LongVarChar

There is a web panel with a Long VarChar variable. If the variable is readonly, line breaks are not respected. 

·         SAC # 16023 -  Several problems in win applications with SUN + SWT

Several interface problems that occurred on executing with Sun and SWT were solved.

·         SAC # 16028 – Japanese characters in buttons and statusbar

Japanese characters are wrongly displayed in buttons and statusbar in Japanese PCs. 

·         SAC # 16038 - Problems with Date ANSI with 2 digits in a year 

There is a Date type attribute with a 2-digit picture in the year and ANSI format (y/m/d). On entering a date, either directly or through the calendar, the Invalid Date Format error occurs.

·         SAC # 16050 - Error on filtering by WebSession / SDT value in For Each

There is a web procedure with a For Each that filters by an element of a WebSession or SDT (Structured Data Type) variable.  On executing, an error occurs stating that not all the SQL statement variables have been assigned. 

·         SAC # 16070 - Problems in webtrn with decimals in Italian 

It is not possible to enter numeric fields with decimals in a web transaction when the KB is in Italian language. 

·          SAC # 16096 - Error 212 Not enough global stack. IN Operator and Collections

When using the IN operator conditioning it to a collection, the mentioned error occurs on generating. 

·          SAC # 16126 - Problems with datepicker in Portuguese 

Runtime errors occur in web panels generated in KB in Portuguese that have the datepicker enabled (it is enabled by default)

·          SAC # 16137 - Cursor XXX not open on updating in ISeries DB2

On doing update on a table in a C/S application with iSeries DB2 UDB, the following error occurs: "Cursor XXX not open" or "Cursor XXX no abierto" 

·         SAC # 16170 – Report with XML output with field with decimals does not compile 

A report with XML output does not compile if it has a printblock or some attribute or variable with decimals, and the property 'Use decimal arithmetic' = YES

·         SAC # 16171 - GeneXus Webservice does not work if used externally 

There is a webservice generated by GeneXus that receives parameters. Let’s say that, for instance, a java code is generated with xmlspy to use the webservice; in runtime, when calling the webservice, the following error occurs: "Name of parameter 1 different than expected".

·         SAC # 16174 - Tab order in win transaction 

In Win transactions, after the last field, the focus goes to the positioning buttons instead of going to the CONFIRM button. 

·         SAC # 16188 - Error on calling a rpg/cobol using the server pool 

If the 'Use datasourse...' DBMS property is enabled, to use the server connection pool instead of the GeneXus pool, RPG/COBOL calls are not working from this model.  

·          SAC # 16212 - Problem with For each line in subroutine 

 For each line works wrong if it is in a subroutine and has a call to an object transferring some grid attribute as parameter.  

·          SAC # 16221 - Checkboxes readonly in Web

A checkbox readonly in web environment is visualized as editable. 

·          SAC # 16247 – Problem with blank spaces and prop. Format = Text

Blank spaces are not being encoded in escape sequences when the Format property has Text value in Web applications. 

·          SAC # 16248 – Quantity of decimals are not controlled in web numeric fields. 

On entering a numeric value with decimals in a web application, there is no verification regarding if a quantity minor or equal to the defined decimals is entered. 

·          SAC # 16263 - Problems in wkp with subfiles and load on request

If several subfiles and the workpanel property LOAD RECORDS = LOAD ON REQUEST are loaded in a work panel with several tab dialogs, it may crash. 

·         SAC # 16271 - Variables with RAWHTML Format and events

The events associated to readonly variables with RAWHTML Format do not work.

·         SAC # 16272 - error J0235: 'setValue' is not a method in class 'GXColumna'

This compilation error occurs when using the after(confirm) condition in the second level rule of a transaction. 

·         SAC # 16280 – Attribute depending on compound key is not inferred

There is a 2-level transaction. In the second level, there is an attribute to be inferred that depends on a foreign key composed by an attribute of the first level and another one from the second level. 

In this case, with client side validation and in insert mode, it does not show the value of the inferred attribute.

·          SAC # 16281 – Execution error with SWT and properties in Load event 

If control properties are configured in the Load event, an execution error occurs in a Java Win application with SWT interface. 

·          SAC # 16333 - Prompt is shown in TRN web in display mode 

In a web transaction with a foreign key, the prompt image is shown and it can be executed when the TRN is called in display mode. 

·          SAC # 16416 – Error on compiling reorganization program 

In too large KBs, when running an impact or create, the following error may occur on compiling:,14) : error J0049: Undefined name 'IDataStoreProvider',11)


Upgrade #2




·          GeneXus standard classes (, have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 upgrade 1 version or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main objeto(s) + add called).


·          Verify that ‘GeneXus Java Standard Classes’ ARE NOT in the directory ‘C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files’. If you find them there you must do a ‘Remove’ to be able to compile successfully with Microsoft.


·          As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the servers where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running. 

New Features 

·          SAC #16065 –New value RawHTML of Format property

A new value, named ‘RawHTML’ was added to the Format property. The purpose of it is to optimize the HTML code generated in case of using textblock controls or variables with pure HTML caption.

·          SAC #15831 – SORT of SDT elements 

The SORT method was implemented in SDTs for collections. It allows sorting SDT elements. 

·          SAC #15774 - Blobls support in Oracle

BLOB data type support was implemented in ORACLE           

·          SAC #15514 - Datasources management directly from GeneXus

The following properties have been implemented in Java 8.0 generator U2: 

- Use datasource for web based applications

- JDBC datasource

- Execute in new UTL

·          SAC #15483 - CancelOnError property was added to Location type 

The CancelOnError property was added to Location type. This property indicates how to process errors when making a SOAP call to a GeneXus object or calling a web services imported with WSDL Inspector.

·          SAC #15482 –Html generated with utf-8

As from this upgrade, html’s will be generated with encoding UTF-8.

·          SAC #15218 –New location of location.xml file

Until Java U2, the location.xml file have had different locations and was “searched” by the application in the directory where the servlet engine was executed or in the /bin directory, etc. As from the upgrade 2, it has been implemented that the location.xml file will be always “searched” in the web application /WEB-INF directory.


·          SAC #15061 -Caching

The 'Caching' feature has been implemented in Java and .NET generators (ADO connection). Basically, it allows leaving a queries cache on the database so that, if a query is made again, there will be no need to read the tables.  

·          SAC #14528 – SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) interface support 

SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) interface support has been implemented. 


Corrected Errors 


·          SAC #16034 – Problems with special characters in Oracle longvarchar types

Special characters, like ‘ñ’,  are not well inserted in longvarchars when working with Oracle.

·          SAC #15908 -Problem with picture @! and characters with accent

Picture @! did not work in characters with accent executing with Ms Virtual Machine.  

·          SAC #15901 –Error rule message wrongly shown in DLT mode 

A TRN that receives key and mode shows error rule message in DLT mode although the rule condition is not matched. 

·          SAC #15884 – Win calendar in Italian and Portuguese 

Calendar in Italian and Portuguese has been implemented in GUI applications. 

·          SAC #15835 - CREATE DATABASE fails on PostgreSQL 7.4

On executing a create database on PosgreSQL 7.4 with Java (JDBC), it fails with an error of the following type: 'ERROR: relation "XXXX" does not exist'

·          SAC #15758 -An unexpected error has occurred while updating your data.

On executing a web transaction that has a rule: error("Error message") if null(key_attribute) and after(confirm);  the following messages appear when the rule must be triggered in the error viewer: "Error Message" "An unexpected error has occurred while updating your data. Please try again"

·          SAC #15756 -Error in DW when folder KB is in Chinese or Japanese 

There is a KB in a folder named with Chinese and Japanese characters. On running WAR deployment, a warning is shown (Warning: 'Invalid WARDeploymentDT.xml' file. Descriptor types not available. ) and then the options are not available in the Wizard thus not being possible to create the WAR.  

·          SAC #15718 -Reports with JFC do not show Chinese characters 

When executing GXR reports (report viewer) with Chinese (or Japanese) characters with SUN Virtual Machine they are wrongly shown. 

·          SAC #15652 -Problems when using server datasource 

Several arrangements were made in the generator to allow using the datasources defined by the user in servlet engines. 

·          SAC #15642 -Error in referential integrity message when there is a subtype 

If in a TRN there is an attribute as foreign key that is also defined as subtype and you use the Client Side Validation = Yes property, on pressing the prompt button, the referential integrity message is wrongly shown.  

·          SAC #15578 -ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

On entering a record in a table created with NLS in Oracle, the following error occurs: ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column. 


·          SAC #15558 -Library List is not taken into account in reorganization

Library List is not taken into account in reorganization.

·          SAC #15554 -Problem with web component and date parameter

Web components receive date type parameters value wrongly. 

·          SAC #15553 -Problems with CTOD format in KBs with Chinese and Japanese languages

In KBs with language = Simplified Chinese or Japanese, when the 'Date format for CTOD function' property has 'Language dependent' value, dates remain with yy/dd/mm format while they should remain with yy/mm/dd format.

·          SAC #15536 – Attached files are not received in mails received with POP3

Attached files are not received when receiving mails with POP3. When AttachDir property was setup to indicate where mail attached files will be saved and the event receiving the mail is executed, mails are not being saved in the directory. 

·          SAC #15531 – Object calling two web services is not compiled 

It fails on compiling an object that calls two web services with an error message of the following type: Error J0067: Cannot convert 'GxObjectCollection' to 'A'.

·          SAC #15504 – Object assigning SDT of a SDT is not compiled 

There is a SDT that contains another SDT among its fields. On assigning this SDT (which is the field of another SDT) an error occurs on compiling. 

·          SAC #15493 - 3-tier null dates are wrongly visualized  01/01/01

In a three-tier application there is a transaction with Date attribute. When visualizing the records where the Date attribute is null, '01/01/01' is displayed, instead of  ' / / '.

·          SAC #15457 -Error in menu text in Simplified Chinese

In a model with Simplified Chinese the item corresponding to the menu bar Help/Contents is wrong... it has a "^" before the Chinese text. 

·          SAC #15455 - Calendar-img.gif is not copied to the static directory on compiling 

On compiling a web object, the calendar-img.gif (web calendar) file is not copied to the directory indicated in the "Static content directory seen from client" preference.  

·          SAC #15453 -Texts in menu bar remain wrong in Chinese 

Wrong characters appear in the menu bar texts when working in a KB in Chinese language. 

·          SAC #15381 -<table> was changed with the noconfirm() rule

The following error occurs: '<table> was changed', on confirming 2-level transaction with several subtypes and noconfirm() rule.

·          SAC #15301 -Error on pressing key in subfile without data 

There is a wkp in a subfile with attributes. The subfile is empty (without data). The following error occurs on pressing the down arrow when the focus is on the subfile:  

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 < 0.

·          SAC #15289 -Problem with picture in N(2)

In 2-digits-length numeric fields, the picture remains wrong. In spite of having the left fill value in 'Blank', they are shown starting with 0. E.g.: 02.

·          SAC #15189 – Data of extended table with subtypes is not shown 

Transaction with subtypes, called in insert mode, with CSV, has problems to infer correctly the values of these subtypes. 

·          SAC #15176 –On pressing ENTER over date the record is not confirmed  

There is a 2-level transaction and in the first level there is a Date field. On pressing ENTER being on this field, the record is not confirmed and the focus does not remain on the button with the associated Enter event either.  

·          SAC #15175 –Return does not work in exit event 

Error when exiting work panel that has a return in the exit event.  

·          SAC #15145 -Error on calling a proc that uses HTTPRequest.QueryString

An error of the following type occurs when calling a procedure returning the result of a &miRequest.QueryString from a work panel:

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NullPointerException 


·          SAC #15106 - Background is not loaded in HTML tables

When the property 'Static Content BaseURL' = / is enabled, images are not visualized in HTML tables backgrounds. 

·          SAC #15077 -Error 'java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException' in wkp

When pressing Enter in a work panel with no button, an error of the following type occurs: 


·          SAC #15069 – Procedure records are not inserted 

Procedure is not inserting records in the database if there are Varchar or LongVarchar attributes with enters received as parameters, called from a web panel. 

·          SAC #15026 -Error on filtering a date over sqlserver in Spanish 

An error occurs when filtering a grid in a work panel by a day date higher than 12 and by another conditioned variable (use of WHEN clause).  

·          SAC #14988 -Problems on entering enter in LVchar field

If in a web panel there is a LongVarchar field where you enter an enter, the assignment of this field made in an event may fail.    

·          SAC #14713 -  IsValids triggered in transaction called in display mode  

IsValid events are triggered in transactions called in display mode although they shouldn’t.   

·          SAC #14700 -Problems with PDF reports and Chinese characters 

PDF reports with Chinese texts result wrong or fail when executing.  

·          SAC #14605 – Workpanel using SDT called Object does not compile 

On compiling a work panel that uses SDT called Object it fails with an error of the following type: 

error J0063: Declare the class abstract, or implement abstract member 'void GXWorkpanel.updateAttributes(Object)'

·          SAC #14560 – TRN does not compile if it uses SDT 

There is a TRN generated in a win environment. It uses an SDT that receives as parameter and fails on compiling.  

·          SAC #14499 – Work panel without base table and with load in the server does not compile 

3-tier work panel without base table and with load specified to be executed in the server fails when compiling. 

·          SAC #14208 -Problem with like and conditional filters 

Filters with like are wrongly made when working with DB2 iseries or PostgreSQL.

·          SAC #14057 -Error in WEB applications when using XML functions 

If a WEB application that uses XML is run, the following error occurs: 

Error 500: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: startDocument Bottom of Form



Upgrade #1




·          GeneXus standard classes (, have changed and therefore it is incompatible with the previous one. This implies that all the objects of the models generated with 8.0 version or any previous version must be regenerated (build all or required main objeto(s) + add called).


·          Verify that ‘GeneXus Java Standard Classes’ ARE NOT in the directory ‘C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files’. If you find them there you must do a ‘Remove’ to be able to compile successfully with Microsoft.


·          As far as multi-tier or web applications (servlets) are concerned, you will have to update the standard classes ( in the servers where the applications server and/or the servlets server are running. 

New Features 

·          SAC #13321 – The  'When To refresh' property has been implemented in Java and .Net

The "While variables are being modified" value of the "When To refresh" property has been implemented. Until 7.5, although it was possible to setup this value, it behaved as the "When a subfile receives focus" value.  

·          SAC #14504 - Property to indicate folder where pdfs will be saved 

A property called OutputFileDirectory has been added to PDFReport.ini file. It is used to indicate in which folder the pdf files will be saved if they are saved to file. 

·          SAC # 14505 - gxdberr and gxdbtxt variables have been implemented

&gxdberr and &gxdbtxt variables have been implemented. They can be queried when using the error_handler command or rule. 

·          SAC #14530 – New error descriptions on mails reception

New error descriptions have been added to gxoffice2.dll, to control mails reception with MAPISession.

·          SAC #14848 - SUBMIT command has been optimized in web 

The SUBMIT command was optimized when used in WEB applications 

·          SAC #14935 - New Calendar control for web objects 

A new control called datepicker was implemented for web generators. It’s a calendar that allows selecting a date or datetime to be entered.  

·          SAC #14947 – Improvements in GeneXus Web Start Deployment Wizard

Several features have been implemented in GXWS. E.g.: it allows creating deployments ‘patches’ to take only the changes to the server instead of taking the entire deployment again. Besides, a property was added to automatically close the browser window once the application has been started


Corrected errors 


·          SAC #11428 - Problems with pictures for numeric data in work panels

Pictures for Numeric data type variables or attributes are not working properly. 

·          SAC #12592 - Prompt on rule is not working within web components

There is a web panel with a prompt on rule. If this web panel is executed by itself the rule works OK, but if it is executed as web components the rule is not executed. 

·          SAC #12696 - Report Viewer starts up behind the application 

When calling a report, the Report Viewer starts up behind the application, a “small clock” remains visible and it seems that the application hung up. 

·          SAC #13212 - Problems on formatting LongVarChar

A problem occurs with GXMLines and GXGetMLi functions to format LongVarChar visualization.

·          SAC #13747 - "Err 200 Illegal use of an erased ref or key" in Web TRN

On generating a web transaction with subfile, if the GxRemove variable appears as last subfile column, the following error occurs: "Err 200 Illegal use of an erased ref or key" and the object is not generated. 

·          SAC #14128 – ‘Date date type definition = Date’ is not implemented 

The "Date date type definition" = Date property is not fully implemented and the values saved for the dates are wrong. 

·          SAC #14247 - List Box with autoresize=true appears as combo 

There is a List Box type variable with autoresize=true in a web panel. When executing the web panel, the variable appears in a combo box. 

·          SAC #14248 - Win Trn in display mode allows being modified via prompt 

There is a call to a (win) transaction in display mode that has a foreign key with prompt button. It allows accessing the prompt, selecting a new value and saving it.

·          SAC #14258 - Problem with null datetime filter

There is a null datetime type filter in a work panel. Instead of loading all the records in the grid, it does not load any of them. 

·          SAC #14365 - "[SQL0901] Error del sistema SQL" on updating transaction 

The following error occurs:  "[SQL0901] Error del sistema SQL" on updating a transaction on db2/iseries. The transaction has a subtype attribute as foreign key. 

·          SAC #14383 - Work panel with menubar appears cut  out

There is a work panel with an associated menu bar. On executing, the work panel screen appears cut out in approximately 0.5 centimeters at the bottom

·          SAC #14424 - Problem with web components and parameter transfer 

On calling a web panel by transferring parameters to it from a web component, it fails with an error of the following type:

500 Servlet Exception

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.

·          SAC #14446 - Problems in rules execution in 2-level transaction 

When working with validation at client level in .NET or Java, and having a 2-level transaction with rules that made calculations on the entered values, some of them are calculating the values wrongly. 

·          SAC #14456 - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in 3-tier HTTP

An error of the following type: "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" occurs at random in http 3-tier application. 

·          SAC #14460 - Error when reorganizing with Unique index in Informix

There is a table with data in Informix. A unique index is added on one of the attributes and -when reorganizing- a 'Blob not found' error occurs.

·          SAC #14468 – ToolTipText property does not work

If a MDI application is generated and the ToolTipText property is setup to any control (button, checkbox, edit, listbox, etc), it does not appear. Besides, in SDI, it does not work for checkbox. 

·          SAC #14503 – Return variable is not assigned in exit event 

There is a work panel called by another one with a parameter. If it is changed in the exit event, on returning to the caller work panel the change is not reflected.  

·          SAC #14506 – Records remain wrong on scrolling on grid 

In a grid with vertical scroll, if clicking twice on the scroll downwards arrow and then clicking twice on the upwards arrow, the lines loaded in the grid remain wrong. And it is not just a visual effect, because if some kind of action is executed on the record, it takes the wrong value. 

·          SAC #14513 – It does not compile object that receives collection type INOUT parameter 

It does not compile an object that receives as parameter an INOUT variable of basic collection type. The following error occurs:  error J0067: Cannot convert 'GxObjectCollection' to 'Long'

·          SAC #14514 - Problems with time zone in web applications 

A record without date is entered in a web transaction. In the web panel grid it shows the date as null, although it is rightly saved in the base with the 01/01/1753 value.

·          SAC #14534 – 2-level transaction with autonumber key does not save lines in Informix

There is a 2-level transaction against Informix, where the header key is defined as Autonumber. On adding new records -either directly in the transaction or through proceedings- the details (lines) do not remain saved for the corresponding key but for the record with 0 key.

·          SAC #14561 – Grid records remain wrong when using scroll 

Grid rows are overwritten when clicking and then scrolling in a work panel with load on request. 

·          SAC #14592 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when using webwrapper

On sending a mail with webwrapper from a web panel, the following error occurs: 

GXWebObjectBase.cleanup[744156936]: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't find user information for handle 744156936

·          SAC #14597 – Authentication does not work in  SMTP data type 

We want to send a mail with SMTPSession data type. Authentication does not work; therefore, if we need to be authenticated with the server, we do not succeed in sending the mail and error 14 is received back.

·          SAC #14621 – Some webservices issues in 8.0 

Location data type is not working when using webservices imported via WSDL inspector.

·          SAC #14667 -  "+" is wrongly generated in where in Oracle

There is a for each where the ‘where’ is concatenated with + two strings. In this case, the select remains wrongly built in Oracle.  

·          SAC #14672 – Click event is not triggered in nested grids 

There are two freestyle nested grids. The click event is setup in an attribute of the inside grid. It is not triggered in runtime. 

·          SAC #14673 – Wrong description in Chinese messages 

The message confirming the reorganization execution as well as the small window title are wrongly displayed both in ‘traditional Chinese' and in 'simplified Chinese'.

·          SAC #14674 - Vertical formula is wrongly calculated with client side validation

There is a 2-level transaction (invoice type), which is called from a work with. Once a transaction is confirmed, if you enter a new transaction without exiting it (that is there is no loop once), the vertical SUM formula sums up the current values plus what was entered in the previous ones.

·          SAC #14682 – It gives  table was changed when working with 2 digits in the year 

In a WEB transaction, there is a date field with two digits in the field, i.e.: with picture default = 99/99/99 

Let’s say that there is a record entered with the 1945 year, and we then change the First Year of 20th century property to 50 and we generate again. If we attempt to modify the record, the transaction does not allow us to do so and the following error occurs: “<table> was changed”.

·          SAC #14688 - Error when calling procedure using for each line in work panel

There is a work panel with a grid that loads the code and description of a table (id, dsc), with two variables that will replace two attributes of the same table through procedure. The problem is that, on executing the procedure, the grid record that had the focus shows the different values while the procedure is updating them. 

·          SAC #14693 - toXML() method does not generate header 

When a SDT is generated with the toXML() method, it does not generate the header of  XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>

·          SAC #14710 – Wrong Portuguese texts in DB connection dialog 

Some Portuguese texts are wrong in the database connection dialog. 

·          SAC #14720 - SDTs Remove method does not work in Java

The Remove method of collection type structured data types (SDTs) is not working in Java. It does not remove the element. 

·          SAC #14728 - Problem with formulas refresh with Client Side Validation

Working with Client Side Validation in YES, in some cases, formulas were not updated. 

·          SAC #14730 - WSDL Inspector does not add 2-level SDT correctly 

WSDL Inspector is importing data types wrongly when the web service was built with GeneXus and uses a    2-level SDT as parameter (e.g.: an invoice).  In the KB where the definition is imported, is not including the lines collection in the data type corresponding to the header. 

·          SAC #14821 – Not all conditional messages in rules are triggered 

There is a model where we work with Client Side Validation = Yes, and a transaction with several msg rules conditioned to events. The problem is that only the first message is triggered and the other are not triggered.   

·          SAC #14867 - Problems with Use decimal arithmetic property

If the Use decimal arithmetic property is in YES, RPC’s are wrongly generated with decimal parameters. The "Type Mismatch" occurs in runtime, since the call is made with CHAR type data.  

·          SAC #14882 - Problem with pdf reports in No-Windows platforms

When calling PDF reports in no-windows servers (ie: WAS and RAWT in AS/400), errors of the following type may occur:  Error 500: java.lang.LinkageError: javax/accessibility/AccessibleContext

·          SAC #14919 – Characters loss when typing on Date or DateTime

On entering a date or datetime filed fairly quickly, sometimes the entered characters were not taken and we had to reattempt. 

·          SAC #14924 - Add rule does not update extended table when deleting record 

There is an Add rule in a typical Invoice TRN , in order to update the client Balance while records are entered. If we enter the Invoice Transaction in Insert or Update mode, the client balance is well updated, but if we enter in Delete mode it is not updated. 

·          SAC #14925 - Serial rule with Client Side Validation is wrongly triggered 

The Serial rule to number the second level key, using Client Side Validation = Yes in a 2-level TRN, is being triggered on confirming the record and not while the lines are entered. 

·          SAC #14926 - On AfterInsert conditional rule does not work properly 

There is a transaction with On AfterInsert error conditional rule. The Client Side Validation = Yes property has been set. When the transaction is executed and we press Confirm, the rule is executed in the right moment and the message of the error rule is shown, but instead of not modifying the database, the record remains saved anyway.    

·          SAC #14990 – 4-digit dates remain wrongly entered 

A 4-digit date type variable is entered in a work panel or transaction. When moving to the grid with a click, the date remains with a wrong value (it remains zeroed or with the wrong year). 

·          SAC #15007 - Error on exiting with a tab  from the last tab of a control tab

On exiting with a tab from the last tab of a tab control that has some non-visible tabs, an error of the following type occurs:  java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

·          SAC #15039 - Chinese webtrn confirmation message is wrong

Web transaction confirmation message is wrong in Chinese 

·          SAC #15052 – Line break does not work in grid with horizontal scroll    

There is a 2-level transaction with a grid with horizontal scroll. On reaching the last column it does not move to the following line at the field exit (both tab and passing last char).

·          SAC #15070 - Incorrect syntax near '['.'' en Sql server 6.5

The following error occurs when working with Sql server 6.5:  [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '['.'

·          SAC #15080 – XML report is wrongly generated 

The encoding in the header of a XML report is wrongly generated. Then, some characters such as “ñ” are wrong.

·          SAC #15093 - Error on calling  ServerTime functions with server pool  

When ServerDate, ServerTime and ServerNow functions are executed using the server pool instead of the GeneXus pool, an error of the following type occurs:  Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Calendar.setTime(

·          SAC #15122 - Problems with statements cache using server pool 

Different errors occurred when working with the server pool instead of the GeneXus pool due to conflicts in prepared statements cache handling.